Family Home Evening Board

I had fun making this Family Home Evening this afternoon. Aaron helped me and made his own little super-hero to play with at the same time. Dallin came upstairs and got into the action too. I decided to do something different than the typical vinyl letter/board with nail pegs on it (NOT that there is anything wrong with that one! I just wanted something different…and free! :)

I cut out the super-heroes with my Cricut. I glued them onto a piece of thin cardboard that was covered with scrapbook paper. Then I added the letters, covered everything with contact paper, and attached velcro tabs on the chest of each figure. The badges/logos are laminated and have velcro on the back to attach to the chest. Each week, the badges rotate! The kids loved it, and I like Aaron’s crazy hair, lol. I used the Raggedy Ann hair cutout for that one.


  1. says

    Oh my goodness gracious! I want to make this so badly! FHE board is on my list of projects. What other cartridges did you use? Is there a super hero one?

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