Lemon Mint Sugar Scrub

 Here is a project that a friend shared with me. She found the link here at Under the Table and Dreaming. What a fun and easy project. I made a bunch for gifts this year.
Now I need to make a jar for myself. It really does make your hands feel smooth. I get major winter hands,  so maybe this will help!
2 1/2 c. sugar
1 c. extra virgin olive oil
 few drops of essential oil (I used mostly lemon and a drop of mint)
Mix together and fill jars. I made a double batch and it filled 7 half pint jars.

Use on dry hands to avoid contamination.
I found the tags here. They were blank, so I used my paint program and added the names and labels.

(Lemon Mint pictured below with wooden craft spoons for applying.)

The jars are little canning jars. I love this style. They are more pricey than the regular half pint canning jars, but for little gifts like these it is worth it. That being said, it was still only $4 for 4 jars. I found them at Walmart, but grocery stores sell them as well.


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    I love those little jars! I was just thinking today that I was going to make these for my girlfriends for Christmas – now I’m super excited after seeing how cute yours turned out!

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    Oh my! Found you thru Frugalicious Friday Blog party and am so glad I did. Will be definately making some of the for Christmas gifts. Thank you. New Bulldog Follower! Visit me if you can and follow back if you like…

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    I love this! I’ve been wanting to find a project for a moms group that I’m a party of, and this would be perfect. I also love the tags. Thanks for sharing!

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    I am for sure going to make these this year. I have all the stuff and I am getting jars today! Brandy, I’m so excited about this one because it looks easy and who doesn’t love hand scrubs, right?! I even have my brother Ben for Christmas this year and I’m gonna make him some and give him a bag of candy, too. :)

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    This is a cool idea! You should head over to my blog (karicorsi.blogspot.com) and check out the feature I posted on your blog! Make sure you pick up a button while you’re there!

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    I found you through Craft-o-Maniac. Nice to “meet” you. :) I’ve decided to do lots of “homemade” Christmas gifts this year, and this is PERFECT! So practical yet so fun and cute! Thanks so much for sharing this….I’m a new follower!

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    Love this idea! I think I will be making it very soon…thanks! This is probably a very stupid question, but where do you buy the essential oils? I’m a new Google Reader subscriber :)

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    Found you from Somewhat Simple’s party. LOVE the scrub. I made lotion last year and it was a HUGE hit and is very inexpensive. Kept my legs from getting dry all winter. I had requests for it after the holidays bc everyone says it isn’t greasy. LOL Gotta love girly fun gifts! The ‘recipe’ is on my blog if you are interested. :-) I plan on making scrub this year!

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    Hi- I’ve been following your blog for awhile and have recently added it to my e-mail feed. I really like your post on this sugar scrub and wondered if I could write a post myself about it and link it over for my readers to read. Please e-mail me at yolitahoe@gmail.com. I would have e-mailed all this info but I couldn’t find your e-mail address anywhere.

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    we will have to make some of this. we are giving hand-made gifts to family, so a small jar of this would be perfect to tuck into the basket with the rest of the stuff we’re giving.

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    This is such an awesome idea. I will definitely be making some of this for Christmas gifts! Where did you find those craft wooden spoons?


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    I am looking for great ideas to reuse my calendar. I have a 50’s pin-up calendar and would love to re-purpose the pictures some how. I have several pin-ups framed and would like to have something that I can see everyday.
    Any Ideas,suggestions?

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