General Conference Kits

 In April I posted my ideas for our General Conference Kits that I put together for the kids. I am happy to report that they were a SUCCESS! We used them at home as well as the church since we alternate locations to watch the conference sessions.
The little totes were purchased at Hobby Lobby for around $1.99 each. I filled them with snacks, a juice box, Friend Magazines, little craft stick puppets, and printable conference packets. I rotated the items out with each session so that there was always something new and I’ve found that by NOT giving them the entire conference packet at once that it lasts longer and the kids take their time coloring the pages. We will definitely be doing these again this weekend!


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    great idea!!

    we have the “conference fairy” come and bring us conference packets, new crayons (because new crayons make coloring better!), special snacks, and pancake mix. the kids love seeing what the conference fairy puts in the bag.

    we’ve started doing this for our vt / ht families, too!

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    How fun! We don’t have kids yet but this is such a great idea for when we do. I am pinning this so I don’t forget it! Would it be silly to make some for the grown ups too? :)

    Brie from

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