Craft Box Review

 Even though I shared my new office & craft room just a couple of days ago, I’ve actually had my Craft Box in the space for well over a month and would love to share how it’s worked out for my organizational needs!
I love how it doesn’t look like a shelving unit, desk, or show any sign that it is packed with hundreds of items.  Before, my creative accessories and office supplies were in totes and plastic drawers that took over my office. Now I can house them all in one space, and since it locks on the top I don’t have to worry about Ruby finding things that she shouldn’t. When I saw the white bead board option I knew it was the style that I wanted in my space, but the other options were wonderful as well. My in-home handy man was able to put this entire thing together in less than 2 hours. Once he placed it in the room, I got busy filling it up!
The Craft Box needs ample space. When it opens, the doors swing wide and need to be flush so that the table can fully extend. So that is something to consider when deciding where to put it. For me, centering it in the middle of the wall was the perfect option. And I was able to still have items next to it since the depth of the items were less than the Craft Box.
The 20 zippered pouches make traveling with my supplies a snap. I just grab what I need and it is nicely secured. They adhere with Velcro so that I can organize them any way I’d like on the doors.
There are 24 adjustable shelves and 18 canvas drawers to perfectly hold my supplies. 
I especially like the taller ones for things like vinyl. 
Each drawer is nice and deep. They are also wide enough to store scrapbooking paper and folders.
There is also a spot for my cricut. I don’t have to carry it across the house ever again! It stores nicely on the shelf and then I can open the table and bring it out to the table to work. There is also a hole behind it so that I can run a power strip back there for any other items like my glue gun or sewing machine when using the table for projects.
I can even store bigger items on the shelves beneath the table.
The fold out craft table is a nice work space for many tasks. I’ve used it for sewing, blogging, and office related needs in the short amount of time that I’ve had it in my space.
It is nice to have an office that I can walk in (ha! it’s the little things, right?) and feel inspired to create.  Now that everything is easily accessible and I can see exactly what I have and where it is, it will only make it easier to create. And it’s all thanks to The Craft Box.
This post has been sponsored by the Original Scrap Box. I was supplied with a product in exchange for my review, but all opinions are my own.


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    This would be amazing in my house. I can’t stand having things laying out, so I’ve been having to use half of my pantry for craft supplies. I wonder if they need another blogger to review one… :)

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