Gluesticks {Top 12 Posts of 2012}

As I review this past year it is amazing to see all that we have done, the places we have gone, and the time we’ve been able to spend with our family and friends. This is the 3rd year I’ve done a quick round up of the most popular posts on Gluesticks. It’s fun to see which ones made the top of the list. They aren’t always the posts that I would have expected to! Sometimes it’s the simplest ones that are the most popular. So without further adieu (from the most popular on down)…

Milky Way Teddy SledsThese simple sleds ranked #1 among Gluesticks readers. And it proves that sometimes simple is best. They were such a hit in the boys’ Christmas parties at school.

 A sought after recipe for many, this yum yum sauce is just amazing on shrimp and stir fry dishes. 

Travel Change & Play Mat {With Hidden Storage}
Look at that sweet baby! I can’t believe how much she has grown since then. This travel change and play mat folds up to fit in your diaper bag. It also has hidden pockets to store diapers, wipes, and an extra outfit! Perfect for any new mother.
Road Trip Binders for Kids
We moved from Ohio to California and stopped at dozens of places in between. These road trip binders were invaluable and the kids loved them!
Easter Egg Hunt Lunch
We made lunch extra fun one afternoon by hiding food inside Easter eggs and putting them out in the yard! The kids had a great time searching for their lunch!
Frozen Hot Cocoa
The name might not make sense, but the drink is perfect!
Our quiet book was a labor of love, but oh so fun to make!
Homemade Corn Dog Bites
A family favorite. Perfect for any potluck or game day snack!
 Make a beach robe in less than an hour with a beach towel and some bias tape. This tutorial shows you how!
Homemade Egg Rolls
Amazing homemade egg rolls that are easier to make than you might have thought. Customize them how you want. We used ground turkey in ours.
Soft Sugar Cookies With Whipped Marshmallow Frosting
Melt in your mouth soft sugar cookies with a whipped frosting that sets up like the soft store bought bakery cookies.
I’ve always loved these mints and was so excited to find a recipe for them. They are softer than the store bought ones, but just as refreshing!
 And an honorable mention for the 13th post which barely missed the cut…

Clean Up Jar
This jar is a miracle worker and deserved a mention in this year’s top 12 for sure. Get a treat with you pick up an item that belongs to SOMEONE else! Service and responsibility wrapped into one sweet treat.

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