Chalkboard Table

We have a chalkboard coffee table! An ACCIDENTAL chalkboard coffee table, that is. The other night Ruby found some chalk and instead of using it at the art easel that we bought for this purpose, she made her way into the living room and before we could stop her, she was coloring all over the coffee table with and giggling like crazy. It was hilarious. Grinning ear to ear, with chalk in each hand. She was SO happy! My first instinct was to stop her, but then I went and wiped it with my finger and it came right off. No scratches, no markings of any kind. Hmm…

We purchased this set of end tables and coffee table about 9 years ago. They were a very inexpensive set and are just cheap laminate furniture. When we moved here I decided to cover up the scratches and bite marks. Yes, we don’t have pets, but we do have children.I sanded them down lightly, sprayed 2 coats of black flat spray paint on them and then sealed them with a clear flat spray paint. Apparently that made them also chalkboard proof as well.

I don’t know if the flat paint made the difference or if this will work on any wood type table, but it certainly worked like a charm on this one. And I haven’t checked out the price of chalkboard paint, but I’m sure a couple of cans of spray paint come in at a much nicer price for a table this big.

I ever need to re-touch it, a can of spray paint and another can of clear will do the trick.

It has provided hours of entertainment for all of the kids. And since Ruby is a bit young to be coloring on her own (choking hazard) we keep a careful eye on her whenever she has the chalk.
At night or when I need to use the table, I just wipe them down with a few wet wipes and then a paper towel to dry it. The table cleans up better than a regular chalk board and doesn’t look dusty at all, but if you wipe it with a paper towel, there always is a little chalk residue, but a chalkboard would have the same, if not more.
Who knew? Apparently Ruby!


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    fantastic!! I love it when my kids discover things like this around our house, too. And it makes me glad that I don’t freak out immediately!! lol! Your baby is precious.

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    Fabulous accident, in my opinion! Anything that helps children learn new ways to safely enjoy themselves is a wonderful way to increase their imagination! Thanks for sharing!

    @Megan: I didn’t know that those were options!! I knew about the chalkboard paint, but wow…imagine the possibilities now!!

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    Thanks ladies! It’s been so much fun! And thanks Megan! I’ve tried the chalk board vinyl, but haven’t tried anything else yet. Fun!


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    Now that’s just wonderful. This reminds me of an incident when my now 22 year old son was 3. He asked me if he could “draw on his table” (a little plastic parsons table.) Thinking he just meant he wanted to draw on some PAPER on the table, I said, “Sure.” He said, “Really?” I said, “Of course.” So, I walk into his room, and he’s drawing ON the table with crayons. HA! (You have such cute kids, by the way.)

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