Create a Rustic Crate

Create a rustic crate using an inexpensive unfinished wooden media box. Ideal for many uses in home decor and easy to make too.

I found an unfinished wooden media box at Michael’s the other day and thought it would make a nice addition to our living room decor. These boxes come in two sizes and are fairly inexpensive. Especially if you have a 50% off coupon. That brought it down to $2.50.

With a little paint and twine I was able to turn this box…

Here is how I did it!
With the help of some little helpers, we painted the entire box in a cream colored acrylic paint. When the first coat was dry, we applied a coat of crackle glaze.  The second color was applied to the dry crackle layer and instantly gave the whole box a rustic crackled effect. I have had the glaze for quite some time, but the kids hadn’t ever seen it before and thought it was pretty fun to watch.Since it was a crate with wide gaps in between the slats, I added a piece of cardboard to the bottom to fill it in. Then I added twine wiring along the sides in case I wanted to maybe display Easter eggs, or party favors, etc. in the crate later on. Otherwise they would just fall out through the slats.

To create the twine wiring I used my staple gun and created a zig zag pattern across the entire width on both sides. When I reached the end of one of the sides, I turned right around and went the other way crossing the twine and creating “x”s.
I filled it with 2 artificial plants from IKEA and was pretty happy with the new addition to my home decor.
Total cost (box, paint and plants)… under $12.


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    I picked up a few of these at Michael’s today and had no idea what to do with these babies. I love the transformation and how you turned these simple boxes into a pretty spectacular centerpiece! Thanks for the inspiration!

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