Homemade Bean Bag Chair

I’ve been wanting to make the kids a bean bag chair for quite some time…and I finally did it! It was much easier than I thought it would be and they love it. Especially Ruby.
It’s the perfect place for her to plop down and snuggle in.  The other kids love it too and it caused a couple of tantrums the first week we had it.
I decided not to reinvent the wheel on this one. There are many bean bag chair tutorials out there and I went with this one from Stardust shoes.You will need 3 yards of fabric for the lining (I used a plain broadcloth, but a drop cloth or old sheet would work too) and 3 yards for the outer shell. I found this fun Mickey print here. It is a nice sturdy canvas. The shell has a velcro closure to make it easy to take off and wash.

You can use batting or styrofoam pellets. I chose to go that route. I found a big bag for about $12 at Walmart.
It took me about 2 hours to make this fun chair and I foresee more in the future.


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  1. So cute!!! The Walmart you got the pellets at ~ is this a regular store or one with a fabric section? Just curious what section of the store you found these. Thanks!

    • Thank you Karen!

      This Walmart had a fabric section, but I actually found the bags of pellets in the furniture section! They sell bean bags chairs and the bags of pellets are right next to them and the slipcovers to go over them. At the one I went to, it was by all of the college/dorm type furniture/lamps and alarm clocks. So even if yours doesn’t have a fabric section, you would probably still be able to find the pellets!

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  2. I cant find the tutorial. can you post it or a new link for it?

  3. I cant find the tutorial. can you post it or a new link for it?

    • I just checked into it. It looks like none of the Michael Miller tutorials are coming up right now. Hopefully it is a glitch that they can fix quickly. I will have to see if I can find it another way. Thank you for letting me know!

    • I received an email that all of the links have been restored on the Michael Miller site! Yay! You should have no issues clicking through to the pdf tutorial.

  4. I will need to check out Walmart – whenever I looked at the beans they were more expensive than that so I passed on this project. Thank you for the heads up! It turned out great! Saw you on TT&J

  5. I would have thought syrofoam beads were more expensive than that… For $12, I will seriously think about making one… but I will probably try to reinvent the wheel, cuz thats just what I do. Found you on Tatertots and Jello.

  6. Brandy,

    I have seen these pellets at K-Mart also. Just FYI. Love the blog!


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