Back to School, Back to Schedules

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Back to school, back to schedules! That’s how it goes around here. I would be completely lost without my calendar. I was noting to my husband the other day that I went all summer without a calendar and was patting myself on the back about it, but then the week before school came around and the post it notes and scrap pieces of paper were piling up and so I sat down and got busy. August actually looked kind of bare, but was only the beginning. September is filling up fast and I have to stay on top of it or I feel like I’m going insane! Many people keep their schedules on their phones. I can’t do that. I need it in writing right in front of me, and it has to be on a plain ol’ calendar. All laid out.
BIC® sent me some nice new pens. They must have known that I was in need of some color coding tools for my old school calendar. Thank you, BIC®! These BIC  Atlantis® easy glide pens are great. They make writing quick and are comfortable so my hand never cramps up.
I’m also the kind of person who keeps a hand written journal that highlights things in my children’s lives, so while hand cramping is a thing of the past for computer savvy folks these days, it isn’t for me! The classic black pens will be perfect for journaling. That is why BIC® launched the platform, “Expression is the Point”. BIC® makes products for moments that matter. Their products  help people express themselves. Since you can trust BIC®; the dependability, the smoothness of the ink, you don’t have to worry about the pen you’re using interrupting your work flow.
Thursday is Back to School Night, piano lessons, and the AT&T guy is coming sometime in the morning. I won’t forget any of it.
What Back to School writing project could you complete with the BIC Atlantis® pens? A shopping list? A goals list for the school year? Lunch notes for the kids? Be sure to grab a pack of BIC® pens to keep you organized as the school year is beginning.
Head to Facebook to enter the BIC Back-to-School Instant Win sweepstakes for the chance to win back-to-school prizes! August and September often end up being the most expensive months of the year (aside from December 😉 so how nice would it be to have some of that school shopping taken care of?!
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  1. says

    Love the colors! What kind of calendar is that? I definitely need one with lines! And how do you color-code activities that are for more than one family member? Or do you color-code by type of activity? I think I’ll take a look around the site, see if I can figure it out…

    • says

      Hi Scarlet! The calendar came from a teacher’s supply store called “Lakeshore Learning” They were giving them away for free before school started (It’s a lesson plan/calendar book). I color coded things based on the activity. Blue were doctor or dentist appointments, black were birthdays, purple were music lessons, pink for school related things (back to school night and minimum days), etc. I don’t know how long the color coding method will last, but it is helping me stay on track so far! Good luck!! :)

  2. says

    LOVE Lakeshore Learning…. and i too am analog..i prefer to write everything down, especiallly since i lost my laptop earlier this year.. i am retired now, but i used to drive my boss crazy with the scheduling done in different colors for different teachers and subjects… it made perfect sense to ME!! LOL! Bic pens are so cute…and handy…

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