16 Homemade Projects For Winter

16 Homemade Projects for WinterA collection of warm and cozy projects and recipes, perfect for wintertime!

With January upon us and the cold weather continuing on, I thought I would do a quick round up of some projects for winter  that keep us warm! From fleece to cocoa, and soups to warm breads, here are my favorite ways to beat the chill in January.


Individual Chicken Pot PieIndividual Chicken Pot Pies

These quick and easy pot pies are absolutely delicious and brimming with homemade comfort. Make a large pie or individual ones. They make great leftovers!

ghirardelli hot cocoaGhirardelli Hot Cocoa

Would you like a cocoa recipe that rivals my favorite from Starbucks? Try this one. Rich and decadent. My husband came up with this and it is our family’s favorite!

Fleece Hand Warmers5 Minute Fleece Hand Warmers

These little hand warmers heat up in 30 seconds and are perfect to tuck into coat pockets before heading outside this winter.

3 Step Fleece PillowcasesSimple 3 Step Pillow Cases

A great gift idea and a cozy way to keep warm. My kids love their fleece pillows and drag them all over the house.

Homemade Chicken Noodle SoupChicken Noodle Soup
A delicious and flavorful homemade soup. Take a bit of semi-homemade help and grab a rotisserie chicken to use. It makes it even better!

Baby & Toddler Leg Warmer Tutorial

Homemade Baby/Toddler Leg Warmers

Make your own little leg warmers for your baby or toddler using socks! Target sells the most adorable sock for around $2 each. Far cheaper than purchasing baby leg warmers on their own. A few simple steps, and 5 minutes later, you have homemade leg warmers.

lasagna soupLasagna Soup

Warm and hearty, this Lasagna soup doesn’t disappoint. Serve it with a nice crusty bread.

Warm Bed BuddiesWarm Bed Buddies

Another fun project to heat up in the microwave. Tuck one of these buddies into your child’s bed at night. Warm and snuggly.

DIY Pajama Pants

Pajama Pants Without a Pattern

Pjs can be pricey. These ones aren’t! Take advantage of the great sales on flannel at the fabric stores this time of year and make your own…without a pattern!

No Sew Toddler Poncho

No Sew Fleece Poncho

A darling no sew fleece poncho (with an optional sewn ruffle) that can easily be made in 10 minutes. Make a matching one for her doll too!

Amish White Bread

Amish White Bread

Our family’s favorite homemade bread. I make this every week. Delicious and easy to customize in so many ways.

14+ Soup & Roll RecipesOver 14 Amazing Soup & Roll Recipes

A collection of warm and hearty soup and bread recipes.

Hot Apple Cider DonutsHot Apple Cider Donuts

These apple cider donuts aren’t just for fall. Make them year around!

2 Minute Fleece Scarf

2 Minute Fleece Scarf

Can you use a pair of scissors? Then you can make this scarf. Plain and simple!

hot cocoa bar centerpiece

Hot Cocoa Bar Centerpiece

Set up a Hot Cocoa Bar this winter. We kept this one on our table a couple of years ago and it was fun to use in the evenings!

Fleece Night Hat

Fleece Night Hat

Oh, this boy! He asked me to make him a fleece night hat. We now have a couple of these that the kids STILL wear! So easy!

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