Housework: 2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back {One Bar Giveaway!}


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OneBar.


Does this pile look familiar? Does anyone else feel like trying to keep up with housework is a “two steps forward, one step back”…..or 4 steps back approach? I have 4 kids so I’ll go ahead and say it’s 4  steps back 😉 Let me tell you a little about the morning I had last week. I woke up determined to finally get to putting all of the laundry away. Folding laundry is the fun part for me. I put on a show and the time quickly passes. Putting it all away is a beast! So our bedroom frequently has clean clothes stacked in baskets….until I need the baskets again and am forced to deal with them.  I took the kids to school then headed up stairs to shower, get dressed and NOT go downstairs until I had a clean room again.

While I was busy cleaning, Ruby (my 2 year old) said, “Don’t come in here Mommy! I surprise you!” I figured she was drawing a picture in her room or something. So I put my clothes away, my husband’s the boys’ and headed into the girl’s room to see what Ruby was up to and put their clothes away too. She had been busy “cleaning” her room! What a sweetheart. And she was so excited to surprise me!

The problem with 2 year olds cleaning their own room is that they usually don’t understand the concept. She had taken all of the clothing on the floor and stuffed it in the toy box. She emptied all of the socks and panties out of their drawers and added those to the toy box too. She emptied the puzzles and put them in the closet and put the stuffed animals under the bed. At first glance the room looked great, but as I looked around I could tell that pretty much every organized bucket was not a hodge podge of things. I was still very touched by her act of kindness though and decided that I would deal with the room another day.

Then I noticed that her dry cereal that she had been carrying around in a cup had fallen behind the toy box when she was cleaning. I got the vacuum out to take care of that and decided to vacuum the bedroom too, but decided that it would be better to just take care of the room and vacuum when I was finished. And so I just took care if the crazy unorganized mess then and there. 2 hours later, their room was clean and organized and Ruby was still very happy to be there playing and helping me all along the way.


I like cleaning when the older kids are at school so that there isn’t drama when I throw things out. Ruby was happy to throw things out and was adding things to the bag that didn’t necessarily need to be tossed. I had to filter it a little, but still ended up with a nice pile of things that didn’t need to be in there anymore. Broken toys, party bag favors, trash, etc.

When I finally went downstairs it was past lunch time and the downstairs needed to be straightened up too. There were still dishes in the sink from the night before, and puppy paw prints all over the floors, but I was STARVING. I opened the refrigerator to see what leftovers we had. Potato salad was all I could see. So I pulled that out and grabbed a  One Bar. Each One Bar is a serving of fruit so I can pair it with any meal for added nutrition.

One Bar

My favorite thing about One Bars are that they really do taste like the fruit they are made from. When you open the apple ones it smells instantly like fresh apple cider. And tastes like it too.

One Bar Giveaway Apple

Have you heard of baobab before? I hadn’t until I tried these. It is a powerful super fruit that is packed with more nutrition than any other super fruit. Though it is new to the US, baobab has been traditionally used for centuries in Africa, especially among nursing mothers. It is very alkaline and is an excellent way to address the high acidity of the American diet. Baobab is one of the few sources of dietary calcium found in plants. Each bar contains baobab and comes in apple, cherry and mango varieties.

One Bar Serving of Fruit

Whether you are stuck at home, cleaning, and need a quick fix like I did or you are on the go, One Bars are a great, nutritious, choice.  See where others are enjoying their One Bars and post where you take yours on Instagram! Use the code: EasyFruit –  for 25% off your total order placed by August 31 from One Bar.

You can also to enter 3 boxes of One Bars, including Apple, Cherry and Mango,  $36.00 value! There will be 40 winners!  Throw them in your purse, sports bag or lunch!

Where would you take your One Bar?

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OneBar.


  1. Kathie Craig says

    I would keep some in my purse and in the diaper bag for grocery shopping trips. I have two little boys that would love these!!

  2. says

    I’d be keeping them right at home and in my purse! Like you I always have messes to clean up and they aren’t from young children anymore! My husband is very messing as is our youngest child, who is an adult now. He just graduated from high school. So why the messes you ask? I so wish I knew but those two cause me more work than when our youngest was a baby and our other 5 boys were children. Drives me insane, but it’s gotta still be done. And yes, sometimes I’m so hungry, but I know at my age I just can’t give in and eat hardily. I have to watch everything that goes in my mouth and yes, I’m still over weight. That drives me crazy too, but it is from my health issues and all the meds I take. But back to the point, even though I’m not a young mother anymore, I’m still cleaning up messes and don’t always get my meals so these bars would be perfect to have on hand!

  3. Kimmi Buzzard says

    I would put them in my snack bag for the kids when we’re out and about! We’ll be taking a very, very long plane ride soon, so these would be perfect!

  4. Darlena says

    I would use them as an extra snack. Also, would keep one in my purse to eat when I’m our shopping.

  5. ghalim says

    to school and work .. thanks for the chance, this sounds like a very healthy option for snack bars.

  6. says

    I would take them in the car while running errands.

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  7. Rebecca Badger says

    These look delicious! I would keep one in my purse, one in my car, and the rest in my “secret” cupboard.

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