Elsa & Anna Dress Up Aprons Tutorial: Holiday Gift Idea!

Elsa and Anna Dress Up Apron Tutorial

Do you have any Frozen fans in your home? Sweet little sisters who like to pretend to be Elsa and Anna? I do! Last weekend these courageous little gals took the plunge and got their ears pierced! Together! It was an exciting day. There were smiles, tears, hugs, and more smiles as they realized that they did it!


They chose the Frozen ear piercing package. Anna for little Ruby, and Elsa for big sister Kaylee. Each received a complimentary Olaf necklace. They were thrilled. To go along with their whole sister’s experience I splurged and let them each get a hair piece. Elsa and Anna have been wearing them non stop and having a great time showing off their new earrings to anyone they see. Even complete strangers at the grocery store.

Frozen Aprons

They’ve also been wearing their aprons that I made them last spring. These have been such a great dress up item to have so I thought I’d quickly share the link once again in case any of you are looking for the perfect homemade gift to make this year! They are made from sturdy cotton (except for Elsa’s skirt overlay), are completely machine washable, and can be used for cooking or dress up! A great beginning sewing project that can be completed in less than 2 hours. They have been one of the most successful tutorials on Gluesticks and I love receiving e-mails from you letting me know how much your daughters, grand daughters, and nieces are loving them. Keep those emails coming!

Frozen Aprons

 All of the instructions, photo tutorials, and diagrams can be found here. Or by clicking the link up in the menu bar.

Frozen Girlie Photos

These sisters love each other so much and I love them SO MUCH! Such darling little girls inside and out.

Princess Aprons 8 in 1 Tutorial

And if your little lady would prefer to imagine to be any other princess, I also have the instructions to make Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Aurora and Ariel! It’s an 8 in 1 Pattern!

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