Out with the Old, In with the New: Zippered Wallet

Wallet Tutorial

So I made myself a new wallet…the night before our big Disneyland trip this summer. Because that’s what kind of crafter I am, an impulse crafter. I bought the fabric a while ago and finally found a tutorial that I liked. I was going to put it off until the end of summer when things [Read More]

Elsa and Anna Apron Tutorial {FROZEN}

Frozen Aprons

  Here it is! The updated 6 in 1 Tutorial, making it an 8 in 1, with the addition of Elsa and Anna! Just as simple to put together as the other 6 aprons and truly treasured by these little girls. The aprons are a one-size style that will fit 3T-8y. Ruby is a 2T and you [Read More]

Duck® Brand Shelf Liner Tote Bag

Shelf Liner Tote Duck Brand

This post brought to you by Duck Brand. All opinions are 100% mine.   Summer is here and swim lessons are starting next week! The kids are so excited! I made a new tote to store towels and sunscreen for the pool. And here’s the kicker…the entire bag is made out of shelf liner! I [Read More]

DIY Window Bags

DIY Window Bags

These DIY Window Bags are so easy to make. They turn a basic white lunch bag into a darling gift bag in just a few minutes! You can use a template, trace the shape on your bag, and cut out your shape with scissors, but today I am going to show you how I used [Read More]

Old Glory Patriotic Wreath Tutorial

Old Glory Patriotic Wreath

  With Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Labor Day all within a matter of a few months, I decided to take down my spring wreath and make something patriotic to put in its place. This Old Glory themed wreath came together in about a half an hour and was very inexpensive to make. [Read More]

Simple Hand Stitched Cards

Hand Stitched Greeting/Note Cards www.gluesticksblog.com

    Hand Stitched Cards Homemade cards are something I love to receive as gifts, but I don’t always have time to make them myself. After I had a baby a friend gave me a stack of handmade “Thank You” cards as a gift. It was one of the most practical and appreciated gifts I have [Read More]

Simple Preschool Craft: Fingerprint Poppies

Fingerprint Poppies www.gluesticksblog.com

My girls adore flowers. So much so that it is a constant battle to make sure they aren’t picking any flowers they see when we are  in public! I told them that they can have any flowers laying on the ground when we go to garden nurseries and they think that is the best thing [Read More]

Personalized ABC Book

Personalized ABC Book

This little gal loves photo albums. She found her baby book and was just giddy, sitting on my lap, going through the pages. I don’t mind her looking at her scrapbook, but I wanted something that was durable and that she could carry around with her. And so I made her a Personalized ABC Book [Read More]