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child holding potato chip santa
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Potato Chip Can Santa

Make a Santa to decorate your home this holiday season out of a potato chip can! This potato chip Santa is an easy craft to make with kids out of felt and pom poms (or cotton balls).
Prep Time3 mins
Active Time10 mins
Total Time13 mins
Keyword: christmas, easy, felt, santa, santa craft
Yield: 1 Santa
Cost: $2


  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • xacto knife


  • 2 red felt rectangles 8.5x11"
  • felt scraps white, blue, peach, yellow
  • white pom poms or cotton balls
  • craft eyes
  • 1 popsicle stick
  • 1 tiny pink pom pom


  • Cover the top 1/3 of the can with a rectangle of peach felt. This will be Santa's face. Glue into place.
  • Cover the bottom of the can with red felt. Glue into place.
  • Cut a popsicle stick in half (scissors work great)
  • Using the Xacto knife, cut through the red and make 2 slits in the side of the potato chip can. Slide the popsicle sticks arms into the slits.
  • Wrap popsicle sticks with red felt. Glue into place. Add tiny white strips for the sleeve cuffs. Glue into place.
  • Cut thin strips of white felt to create the trim for the jacket. Glue into place.
    hot gluing felt onto potato chip can
  • Create a belt by cutting out a thin piece of black felt and a yellow rectangle for the buckle. Glue into place.
    child gluing black strip of felt onto santa
  • Cut two oval shapes for the boots. Glue to the bottom of the chip can, sticking out a bit.
  • Hat: glue a piece of red felt around the rim of the chip can. We will come back to this in a minute.
  • Glue pom poms or cotton balls around the rim for the hat and beard.
  • Glue craft eyes on the face. Glue on pom pom nose.
  • Finishing Hat: Overlap the side edges of the felt and gather to create a hat shape. Glue as you go. Glue a pom pom or cotton ball at the end.
    child holding potato chip santa


Note: you can use craft glue (Tacky glue) if you'd like. This is easier for kids to work with, but doesn't dry as quickly as hot glue.
Tip: create templates out of copy or scrap paper to avoid mistakes when cutting the felt.