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succulent pumpkin on table
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Mini Succulent Pumpkin Centerpiece

The tiniest succulent pumpkin centerpiece you ever did see. So easy to make, perfect to place on a desk, and lasts for months!
Active Time30 mins
Total Time30 mins
Cost: $10


  • hot glue gun



  • Loosen the soil from the succulents and divide the succulents into single sections. Gather the succulent cuttings that you'd like to use. Have a variety of big blooms and long sprigs and fillers.
    succulent cuttings
  • You do not need to leave the roots on the succulents. Cuttings work great and will not be hurt by hot glue.
    tiny succulent cutting
  • Pull the stem off of the mini pumpkin.
    Spray the top of the pumpkin with a light coat of spray adhesive.
    hot glue gun and can of spray adhesive
  • Add a layer of moss 1/4"-1/2" thick.
    Watch our step by step video to see how we made ours!
    orange and white mini pumpkin
  • Sphagnum moss is the best for succulents, but you can use Spanish moss, forest moss or sheet moss. They all work great. I used sheet moss. You don't need very much and a little bit goes a long way. I bought a bag at Walmart for $3 and we have 3/4 of it left after making 3 mini pumpkins.
    container of moss
  • Once the moss has been attached start hot gluing the succulents to the top of the pumpkin. Start with the bigger blooms and fill in with the long springs and small fillers. There is no right or wrong way to make a succulent pumpkin planter.
    hand arranging succulents on pumpkin



Tips for caring for your succulent pumpkin:
Wait one week before watering your succulent planter. This allows the cuttings to have a chance to callous. Spray the moss with water every few days after the first week.
Succulents like the sun. Make sure to place in a location that receives 6+ hours of daylight.
When your pumpkin begins to turn soft, you can either plant the entire thing (pumpkin an all) in the ground or pull the succulents off and propagate and plant.