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penguin terrarium ornament
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Easy Penguin Ornament For Kids

This cute penguin ornament comes together in less than 5 minutes. So easy! Made with model magic dough and a penguin finger puppet. Such a cute ornament to hang on the tree!
Active Time10 mins
Total Time10 mins
Cost: $2


  • scissors


  • Press a small handful of model magic into the bottom of the plastic ornament.
    clear ornament filled with model magic dough
  • Press tiny tree into dough, making sure the dough comes slightly over the base of the tree.
    pressing small tree into dough
  • Press finger puppet or small toy figure into the model magic. Again, press the dough up and over the base of the toy for a snug fit.
    pressing penguin into white model magic
  • Tie a length of baker's twine onto ornament and hang on tree.
    child holding penguin ornament



Model magic dough will dry in 2-3 days. You do not have to wait to hang the ornament. It will be stable right after making it if you tucked the toys in tight enough.
The little figure will stay in the dough without the need for glue (unless your child pulls it out). If that happens, just add a dab of craft or super glue. Ours have held up great without glue.