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cake pan filled with toys
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Ice Excavating Activity For Kids

Fill cake pans with small toys and water. Freeze solid then empty onto the grass! Kids love excavating the toys in this ice excavating activity. A great way to enjoy a sunny day.
Prep Time3 hrs
Total Time3 hrs
Cost: $0


  • cake pan
  • small tools


  • small toys
  • water


  • Fill a container (metal cake pans work GREAT) with small toys and/or objects. Fill with water and freeze. A 3" cake pan takes just a couple of hours to freeze completely.
    cake pan filled with toys
  • Once solid, turn upside down and run warm water on the back of the container until the block of ice comes loose.
  • Use small tools (mini screw drivers, small hammer) to crack the ice open. Once the kids get a nice crack going, the rest breaks apart really easily and they have no problem retrieving or "saving" the toys.
    kids breaking ice to find toys