Indoor Spring Planter for Bulbs

My favorite flowers come from bulbs. Maybe it is the bright colors of the tulips or the fact that they are easy to grow, but I just love them. The problem is REMEMBERING to plant them! For the past several years I have had it in my mind to plant tulips and always forget in the fall. I keep hearing about forcing bulbs in the winter to grow indoors and would love to try that too, but this year we totally cheated and bought pre-potted bulbs.
Kaylee has been asking to plant flowers and we aren’t ready to begin landscaping our yard so we decided to create some indoor flower planters. We picked up daffodils, pink and blue hyacinths, and red, yellow, and purple tulips.  Most were $.82. So we grabbed a bunch of them and a bag of potting soil.
Then we raided the cupboards for pots to plant them in. We found a bunch that would work and also some small rocks for to put in the bottom for drainage.
These bulbs were totally ready to be re-potted. We just pulled them out, separated the roots a bit and re-potted them.
The girls made a HUGE mess and used the plastic containers that the bulbs came in to re-plant some flower weeds they found in the lawn. Good times.
When we finished we had 5 small planters ready to brighten the house. They looked so pretty with just the green stems and still have a whole blooming life left in them!
Then we found spots to put them inside of the house where they would get a lot of natural light which is pretty much every room in the house.
The girl’s room has a really nice window shelf that is great for flower pots. Kaylee’s mini daffodils look so pretty with her little solar flower.
The tulips, daffodils and hyacinth planter is the one I am most excited about. It’s been about 5 days since we re-potted these and the larger daffodils have started to bloom.
And the last two are in my kitchen. Next to the vase of weed flowers. I always have lots of those from my sweet girls.
We have big plans to landscape the back yard this year. I really hope it happens {time and money willing}. Details, details….
What are your spring planting plans?


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    What a great idea! I am in love with bulbs too, and never remember to plant them either. And I love the look of tulips and daffodils inside the house, so I wil definitely be giving this a go!
    Thanks for sharing such a great idea!
    popping in from skip to my lou link party!

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