Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet Cake!

 Derrick is the Cub Master at our church and asked me to make a cake for the Blue & Gold Banquet.
 I used this photo as my guide and pretty much copied it. It was a great resource. Everything is edible except for the blue and white cub scout badge.
 It most definitely isn’t perfect  (the fondant and I had a little battle…it won), but I love how it turned out in the end, and think the boys will like it tomorrow night too!
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  1. That turned out phenomenal! I love all of the little details you included.

  2. That’s awesome!! I love the little stitch marks! And more than anything I love that it’s for tomorrow night and you’re already done!! Every time I have a cake order I feel like I’m down to the last minutes trying to get it done! Great job!

  3. It’s so cute! Great job!!

  4. Brandy, this is phenomenal!!

  5. This is absolutely the most awesomely wonderful thing I have ever seen! I have four eagle scouts,and NEVER was there ever anything this nice at their Blue and Gold Banquets…and I attended 12! Just superb!!!

  6. That is one awesome cake!

  7. WOW! Way to go! That is awesome!

  8. Dang it! Why did you have to go and do something like that? You make the rest of us look like underachievers! :)

    Super cute!

  9. We just had our B&G but wow, was your cubmaster totally blown away or what??!!! You will be the talk and go to cake person you know that right?!

  10. That is definitely the coolest scout cake I have ever seen…and I’ve seen a lot! Can’t you win money for something like that somewhere? You should totally look into it. :)

  11. Love it!!! What an AWSOME JOB!!!

  12. Wow! Impressive! It look’s great, I’m sure it was a hit.

  13. Wow! That’s really incredible looking. You did a great job – I bet everyone was amazed!

    Visiting from Be Different Act Normal.

  14. What a beautiful cake. I wish I had half of your talent. I just can’t seem to make pretty food treats for the life of me. But unfortuntaly (grin), that doesn’t stop me from trying.

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  15. wow, great job ! :)

  16. That is super awesome! I love Blue and Gold Banquets. I haven’t been to one in years, but I always had a great time!

  17. AMAZING!!

  18. that’s amazing!

  19. Fantastic job. I’m sure the boys were all impressed – I know my son’s troop would be (masters and moms too). No one will notice the fondant. The details are incredible. Next cake boss, eh?

  20. Wonderful!!! It looks almost too good to eat.

  21. What a wonderful job you did! Trust me, as a fondant user in the past, I know how difficult it can be! You should be proud! I think we all know what a cake like that would of cost from a bakery! :) – Karen

  22. Ummmm, hello! That is Uh-mazing!!!! I love all the tiny detail. Great job!

  23. Wow! Can you come make our Cub Scout cakes?
    Love it.
    Visiting from Blue Cricket Design.

  24. This is amazing! I don’t see any indication of a lost battle :)

  25. This is one amazing cake! My boys will love this!

  26. Wow! Amazing job!!! I would be thrilled if you stopped by my Commercial Break Thursday at and link this project!


  27. WOWSERS! This is INCREDIBLE! I would be affraid to eat this outstanding work of art! But I am sure it tastes as good as it looked!

  28. Wow! That is amazing!!!!


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  29. You’ve been featured at my Hookin Up with HoH party! this week! Congratulations. :)

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  30. so awesome! It’s perfect. I posted a link on my other site, My co-editor, Amanda, spotted this and sent me the link :)

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