Sparkling Jello for Tummies

Does this collection of supplies look familiar? Do you have any of these within an arms reach in your home? If not, consider yourself lucky! This winter’s weather has been mild, that’s for sure, but the germs have not.
I’ve lost track how many times I’ve administered Vick’s chest rub before bedtime, re-filled the humidifier, given Tylenol, etc. That is typical for us. Lots of colds that go straight to the chest. We’ve had a couple of ear infections and strep as well. The stomach bugs, for the most part, pass our home by. But not this year, and from what I’ve heard we were some of the last in the country to have it visit us. EVERYONE has had it!
 Lucky for us, it has been pretty mild, but we have 2 little ones who are recovering and resting up from not feeling so well yesterday. We’re crossing our fingers that nobody else gets it and things can get back to “normal”!

As they are asking for more foods and things it’s funny to see what they want. Yesterday Kaylee was feeling awful and asked me if she could have a slice of pepperoni pizza that had been half eaten and left on the counter over-night. “Pizza is good for tummies!” Which probably makes sense to a 3 year old.  I offered applesauce and she replied that she would like some yogurt and cheese, again….I turned her down.  So we’ve been  sticking with toast, applesauce, saltines, and jello. But not just any jello….Sparkling Jello!

Basically you just use lemon-lime soda instead of the cold water. That’s it!
 It’s delicious and refreshing and a nice alternative to the crackers from yesterday.

{If it foams up, either ignore it or let it sit a minute or just skim if off of the top before pouring into your container.}

Here’s to a happy and HEALTHY weekend to you and your family!


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