Make Your Own Yogurt Drinks

I buy yogurt almost every time I go to the grocery store. Fridge packs for school lunches, larger tubs to scoop out and add to smoothies, and whole milk baby yogurts for Ruby. I eat it every day too. My kids love the drinkable yogurts that come in a 6-pack, but I rarely buy them because I think they are  over-priced. Then I got to thinking that all it is is yogurt diluted down. How easy is that? It would sure taste better if we used our favorite yogurts instead of the crazy flavors that they sell for kids like blue raspberry, etc.
To make your own yogurt drinks, just mix yogurt with milk until it is the consistency to go though a straw. Pour some in a small drink container for school lunches (be sure to add a little ice pack to keep it chilled) or just sip out of a cup. Ruby, who is about 18 months old, loves yogurt and is too independent to let me feed it to her. She usually makes a HUGE mess every morning and yogurt ends up being wasted as it hits the floor. After I started adding a tablespoon of milk to it and putting it in a small cup with a lid and straw, the mess and waste has been completely eliminated and she still has her independence.


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