Foaming Hand Soap & Kids’ Bathroom Printables for Clean Fun!


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kids bathroom printables

Do you have a little one who sometimes needs a little reminder to wash their hands? I do! At this age they don’t really understand exactly why they need to wash their hands every time they use the bathroom. I mean, their hands don’t look dirty so it isn’t a big deal, right? It is definitely a habit that I’d like them to have whether they think their hands are dirty or not. I’ve noticed that if there is a fun foaming hand soap in the bathroom that they are more likely to use it. I also created a fun little printable to go in their bathroom. Will it help them remember? Maybe, maybe not, but it is bright and colorful and has cute little characters! And since I haven’t done anything in their bathroom in the way of kids decor, this is perfect.

  kids bathroom printables

Brush. Wash. These are things that she does on a daily basis. Brushes her hair and teeth and washes her body and hands.

  kids bathroom printables

We’ve used many types of foaming hand soaps; the kind that changes color (bought once, will NEVER buy again—it just leaves colored streaks all over the sink!), character soaps, and deliciously scented ones. They all had one thing in common: they were at least $3-$5 a bottle and only lasted a few days.

  kids bathroom printables

I picked up a few bottles of the Softsoap Liquid Foaming Hand Soap because it was about $2.50 a bottle. That is doable.

  kids bathroom printables


  kids bathroom printables

I found all 3 luxurious scents when I was at Walmart. This is great for the whole family to use AND it looks so pretty in my bathrooms (bonus!) The Jasmine & White Cotton and Whipped Cocoa Butter are perfect for the bathrooms and the Kitchen Citrus Bliss in great for the kitchen (my favorite!)

  kids bathroom printables

If you have a little one who might like a friendly reminder to wash their hands, feel free to print out a copy of our Brush & Wash sign below! I have them for both boys and girls and a combination of boys +girls.

  kids bathroom printables

Kids Bathroom Printables (2 Sizes!)

Every printer prints differently, but here is how I have printed with great results:

5×7: print in landscape and then trim to fit 5×7 frame insert.

8×10: print as is.

To print, click on the links below.

  kids bathroom printables

5×7 Boy (Orange)

5×7 Girl (Green)

5×7 Girl (Pink)

5×7 Boy (Yellow)

  kids bathroom printables

5×7 Girl and Boy (green)


  bathroom printable

8×10 Boy (Grey)

8×10 Girl (Lime)

8×10 Girl (Pink)

8×10 Boy (Brown)

  kids bathroom printables

8×10 Girl and Boy (cream)


Darling clip art purchased here. 


  1. Samantha K says

    The printable is adorable! Foaming hand soap definitely motivates my kids to wash them more and you can’t beat that price! #client

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