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Summer Minion Tote Bag Tutorial
Do you remember the excitement of finding a toy inside of a box of cereal? It didn’t matter what kind of cereal it was, if it had a toy—you wanted it and you could spot it from a mile away. Fast forward over 20 years and I now have 4 kids of my own who can also spot the specially marked boxes of cereal from a mile away.

Summer Minion Tote Bag Tutorial
We LOVE the Minions and the kids have been eagerly anticipating the release of the new movie so it didn’t take long for them to spot the specially marked boxes of cereal when we were at Walmart.

Summer Minion Tote Bag Tutorial
Not wanting anyone to be left out, I let them each pick out a box. That way everyone had a chance to find a Minion, and maybe even the Prehistoric 7th Minion (only available at Walmart).

Summer Minion Tote Bag Tutorial
They had fun checking out the photos on the back of the boxes and picking out which one they hoped they would find in their box.

Summer Minion Tote Bag Tutorial
I remember having to actually open the bag of cereal inside to find the toy. Thankfully, that is not the case anymore. No digging through cereal and crushing it as you feel around for the toy. SO…I let them go ahead and open all of the boxes just to get the toys out.

Summer Minion Tote Bag Tutorial
They each got one of the ones that they had picked out as their favorite, but the search continues for the Prehistoric Minion. But…there is a 4th box! Dallin has been at scout camp this week and hasn’t opened his box of Cocoa Puffs yet. Will it contain the 7th Minion? Oh, the suspense! :)

Summer Minion Tote Bag Tutorial
Which one is your favorite?

These cute characters are perfect to hang on backpacks or tote bags. And speaking of tote bags…

Summer Minion Tote Bag Tutorial
The kids drew pictures of their favorite Minion characters and I thought it would be fun to transform those guys into fun summer tote bags! Perfect for trips to the pool, a library tote, or even a preschool book bag.

Summer Minion Tote Bag Tutorial

Time Needed: 1 hour

Sewing Level: Easy

Fabric: Bottom weight fabric (sturdy apparel fabric) or duck cloth.

Seam Allowance: 1/4″

Summer Minion Tote Bag Tutorial
Fabric Pieces:


(2) 14″x12″ Yellow (body)

(2)12″x 5″ Blue (overalls)

(2) 5″x23″ Blue (handles)

Minion Face

(1) 14″x2″ Black (goggle headband)

(2) 4″ circles, Grey (goggles)

(2) 3″ circles, White (eyes)

(2) 1″ circles, Black (eyes)

Fabric scrap, felt, or black fabric paint for mouth, teeth, other details

Fusible webbing, optional


Summer Minion Tote Bag Tutorial
1. Sew yellow piece to overall piece. Press seam towards bottom (blue fabric). Turn over and top stitch close to seam. Repeat with other yellow and blue piece. Now your front and back tote pieces are finished.

Summer Minion Tote Bag Tutorial
2. Cut out detail pieces and iron on, glue, sew or paint on. For the details we used scraps of fabric and adhered them with iron-on fusible webbing (wonder under). You could easily use felt and fabric glue for a quicker option and one that the kids could do on their own.

Summer Minion Tote Bag Tutorial
3. To keep the details from fraying, zig zag around each detail (totally optional).

4. Fold top pieces over 1/2″. Press. Fold over again and stitch.

5. With right sides facing, sew front and pack pieces together on 3 sides, leaving top open. Trim close to seam.

6. Take the bottom seam and the side seam and squeeze them both together, so you create a right triangle. Measure 2 1/2″ and pin to mark the spot.

Summer Minion Tote Bag Tutorial
7.  Sew and trim close to seam. Turn bag right side out. Here is a great tutorial for making boxed corners if you haven’t done this before. This will give your tote a flat bottom.

8. Almost done! Time to make the straps. Fold each strap piece in half and stitch along the side, creating a long tube. Turn right side out. (I like using the safety pin trick to turn straps right side out).

9. Finish bottom and top of each handle with a zig zag stitch or fold under and stitch.

10. Measure 2″ from the side seams of the bag and pin one end of the handle there. Repeat for the other handle ends.

11. Stitch handle pieces to bag in a boxed shape for stability.

DIY Minion Tote Bags
Now fill your tote with sunscreen, a beach towel and a bottle of water and you are ready for a day a the pool!

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    Oh how fun that kids can get in on the magic of looking for a toy in the cereal box! That’s pretty great that General Mills is sticking them on top so kids aren’t digging through the boxes too! #client

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