Little Chicken Bean Bags

chicken bean bag tutorial

Ruby loves chickens. For some reason there are chickens all over the place in Yuba City. Especially in certain intersections and parking lots. Every time we go to Toys R Us or Winco we see chickens walking by our truck. She loves that. Her favorite song is “The Chicken Dance.” There aren’t any words, but she loves the actions and dance. I thought it would be fun to make her a chicken softie, but fell in love with this chicken bean bag instead. She loves it too. Her little chicken goes everywhere with us. Grocery shopping, church, on her tricycle, and in her bed. Since these bags take about 10 minutes to make, I decided to make a few more.


ย The sewing inspiration came from Anjie’s Blog.ย  Red Ted Art saw the original and created some photo instructions. Ours are slightly larger than the original and since neither one came with a printable pattern, I quickly drew one to make it easier to keep them uniform.

You can download it here: Little Chicken Bean Bag PDF

chicken bag

1: Basically, you just lay out the pattern pieces in the upper right corner of the long rectangle of fabric.

2: Bring the bottom of the fabric to the top with the fold along the bottom. Pin to keep beak and details in place. Stitch top and right side, leaving left side open.

3: Turn right side out. Add an eye. You can hand sew this or use a sharpie pen like we did. Very gently so that it doesn’t bleed.

4: Fill 1/3 with fiber fill and 1/3 with rice or small beans. Leave the rest open to allow room to close the bottom.

5: To turn your bean bag into a pyramid shaped one vs. a flat square, line up your seams so that the side seam lies flat as the back of the chicken. The front seam where the beak is and the back seam will line up and it will turn into the pyramid shape.ย  Turn under raw edges and pin closed.

Hand stitch to close.

chicken bean bag tutorial

This little orange one is my favorite. Ruby’s too.

chicken bean bag tutorial

I’m thinking that this little pattern would make a great base for so many fun animal bean bags! A puppy, a cat, or even a pig.

Can you think of any others? What a fun little party favor or stocking stuffer, or homemade birthday gift!

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You gotta love the internet. I have been making chicken bean bags for years. I’ve never made them this large and my take is a little different. I use golden beads and make legs – and i put on a tail using scraps of suede. Until this post I had never thought of adding the wattle.


I’m hooked on making these little chickens! i checked out a few different tutorials before attempting and found yours to be the best one! they are so cute, and easy!

THESE ARE SOoooo CUTE. I Love, love, love chickens too. Have them free ranging in my back yard I gotta make some of these for my sewing room. Thanks a bunch for posting this.

Sooo Delighted to have just found your little chickens as ive been wanting to make these for a while but had no template for them. Thank you.