Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt!

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt
The kids and I had a lot of fun recently when we went exploring in our neighborhood! With such a mild winter we’ve been able to spend a lot more time outside this year than we normally would!   It’s been a couple of weeks since we made these scavenger hunt sheets and they have used them a couple of times since!
Our printer was out of commission at the time so I wasn’t able to just print out a bunch of clip art images. I cut up a little preschool workbook that we didn’t need anymore and glued the images to a sheet of copy paper and then laminated it so that we could use a dry erase marker with it.
They LOVED this activity. They would check off items as we found them and even after they found everything off of the list, they’d keep checking them off. Some had 5 or 6 check marks next to it. Those were easy things like fire hydrants, trees, etc. The hardest item to find was a cat, but we went out on a dreary day. Any sane cat would have been inside.
I made 3 sheets different sheets, one for each child. Each time we go out, they swap sheets so that they have new things to find. Sometimes the simplest activities are the best.
You can find a printable version of a similar activity here.

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    What a nice activity for your family! A scavenger hunt is actually a good activity for your kids. It can help keep their mind active, and that’s especially good for toddlers. It’s an engaging activity because it allows you to exercise both your mental and physical self, making you twice more active!

    @Rosalinda Hone

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