Mismatched Striped Maxi Skirt

I absolutely love knit skirts and could live in them all summer. Light, breezy, flowy, and feminine. The problem with making them is finding cute knit fabrics for a reasonable price. This is why I usually end up buying them, but THIS skirt cost me $7 to make. And so I had to make one….and I made several others with the fun knits I found!

I didn’t pay more than $5/yard for any of these. In fact, the grey and white striped fabric I used for this skirt was $3.60/yard. They were all purchased from Girl Charlee. It’s a great online shop. Some of the knits were pretty thin. I have to wear a long slip with the skirt in the photo or else it is fairly see-through, but my long slip worked perfectly and did the trick. It just depends on which type of knit you purchase.
I didn’t use a pattern for the other skirts I made. I just winged it and styled them after the yoga band  skirts I bought from Old Navy a couple of years ago. Knee length.
I wanted to do something different with this fun striped fabric and so I turned to iCandyHandmade and made her Mismatched Maxi Skirt.
 I was a little bigger than her measurements and so I  had to add 2 inches in the width. She gives instructions for making a basic A-line knit skirt as well if you choose to not do the mismatched route.
Kaylee saw Derrick taking a picture of me in my new skirt and decided to jump in for a picture too. All ready for church! She did change her shoes before leaving the house :)
I think I need to make another one…. now to decide which fabric to choose this time!

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    • Brandy says

      Hi Jamie! Are you LDS? If so, you can order it online from the distribution center. That’s where I got mine, but you have to be a member of our church to order clothing from there.

        • Brandy says

          I just wore the full length temple one. I wish it was easier to find slips in general, especially the longer ones. And they are so expensive! That’s why I just bought an extra one from the distribution center to wear with long dresses. Good luck!

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