Vintage Inspired Silver Pumpkins

vintage inspired silver pumpkins

Ruby and I made a quick stop at Michael’s the other day while Derrick was in Home Depot. We had fun browsing the aisles of fall decor and couldn’t pass up some fun brown craft pumpkins that were ready to be decorated.


I’ve seen a lot of silver pumpkins lately, my favorite being the ones at Pottery Barn in their window display right now. I love the look of the mercury glass, but sadly, cannot afford to spend that much on a glass pumpkin. I saw some spray paint recently that gives the look of a mirror. It’s called “looking glass”, but you have to use it on glass. Since these were paper I came up with another alternative.


Good old fashioned spray paint.


I don’t know if it matters which kind you use. These are just some I found in our garage. A black and a metallic silver.


I sprayed each pumpkin in a nice layer of black spray paint and let it dry completely.


Then I sprayed a very LIGHT coat of silver on top so that the black still came through a bit (giving it the vintage look). It’s hard to see the contrast in the photos since the metallic is so shiny, but I was pleasantly surprised with the results!


My silver pumpkins rang up to $2.99 a piece. That I can afford.


  1. Linda says

    I found mercury glass pumpkins at Big Lots for $12.99,larger ones were $19.99! They also had mercury glass potion bottles $4 & $6.00. Wish I’d bought more! I’m going to check another location today.

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