Old Fashioned Milkshakes

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Recently we saw that one of our favorite fast food joints was having a sale on their shakes so we decided to treat the kids to a fun dessert! After waiting 45 minutes (it was so busy and they were way under-staffed) we finally got our shakes. And we were SO disappointed! Most of us didn’t even finish them. For some reason we thought that they would have real ice cream in them, but they did not. Every flavor began with soft serve vanilla and they added so much flavoring syrup that it was hard to swallow.

That is when we decided to make REAL shakes with the kids. You know, the kind with ice cream in them! We found an Old Fashioned Ice Cream shop up in Yuba City and they make REAL shakes. The thick, creamy, just ice cream and milk kind. They are worth every penny and those are the ones we wanted to make at home.

We just so happen to own a milk shake machine and so I pulled it out, stocked up on the kids’ favorite candy bar  mix-ins, a half gallon of thick and creamy chocolate ice cream and even splurged on chocolate milk. If we are going to make chocolate shakes, why water it down with white milk? 😉

They had fun choosing what kind of shake they were going to have. I asked my oldest if his shake was better than the one at the fast food joint and he said, “SO much better!”. What a difference REAL food makes! Ruby even enjoyed one with her little cousin. They didn’t care much for their lunch that day, but were excited to make shakes.

Old Fashioned Chocolate Milkshake

2 1/2 c. ice cream

1/3 c. TruMoo Chocolate Milk

1/4 mix-ins

Serves 2.

I like TruMoo Chocolate Milk and buy it for the kids’ lunches because it is only sweetened with a bit of sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, and no growth hormones. We only needed a small amount for the shakes so I cut open one of the cartons and it worked out great.

TruMoo comes in chocolate and strawberry.

If you tell me which flavor you’d like to try you will be entered to win 4 gift certificates to pick out whatever variety you’d like! Over $20 value. Simply leave a comment below! I will announce the winner on this post on Monday, May 19th. Good luck!

Congratulations to the winner, #12- Melanie!

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  1. says

    Oh the Chocolate, which we actually buy quite often for lunches. I’d make a milkshake with that and whole real strawberries a,d a glob of vanilla ice cream (a Neapolitan!); sounds gross but is good in fact.
    margueritecore [at] gmail [dot] com

  2. David says

    The only variety I have yet to try is the chocolate marshmallow, and that is only because I can’t find it in my area.

  3. Shawlee Manning says

    Where I live we call a shake a frappe (I still don’t know why) and no ice cream stand around here makes them like they used to. I should start making them at home my kids have never had a “real” one.

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