Personalized ABC Book

Personalized ABC Book

This little gal loves photo albums. She found her baby book and was just giddy, sitting on my lap, going through the pages. I don’t mind her looking at her scrapbook, but I wanted something that was durable and that she could carry around with her. And so I made her a Personalized ABC Book filled with photos of the people and things she loves!  It was so fun and she was a great helper with the photos.

I am going to show you how to make and print out one of these fun books at home!  I am also participating in a blog hop in honor of National Scrapbook Day! Be sure to check out the other amazing projects being shared today! The links are at the bottom of my post.

Personalized ABC Book

First off you’ll need your photos. I was able to get some just by looking through the files on my computer, but a lot of them had to be taken specifically for this book.

I saved each photo by the letter name (A, B, C) so that it would be easy to see which ones I had and which ones I needed.


ABC book

Then I used picmonkey’s collage feature (it’s a free online photo editing program!) to add text below each photo. Crop and style your photos, fonts, and colors however you’d like!

ABC book

When it came to printing, I just used card stock. Since I was going to laminate my book, I didn’t need to use photo paper or anything durable or fancy. I printed 4 to a sheet from my home computer (3.5×5″) sized.

personalized abc book

To put the book together I used the following supplies:

Printed photo alphabet sheets

Trim and Score Board

Sticky Thumb Adhesive

Basics 12×12 cardstock

The Cinch Binding Tool

Laminator and Laminating sheets

Personalized ABC Book

Each cardstock sheet was cut into 4 (6×6″) squares.  I adhered the photos to each card and ran them through my laminator. If you don’t have a laminator you can purchase peel and stick laminating sheets or take them to a teacher’s supply store or office supply store to have them laminated for you!

personalized abc book

Now for the fun part. I used my binding tool, The Cinch, that I absolutely love. If you don’t have a binding tool, that’s totally fine! Just hole punch your pages and use a ring to hold them together! 2 rings (one on the top and one on the bottom) would hold it nice and secure.

Personalized ABC Book

The Cinch makes it nice and easy. It punches the holes for me, the pages easily slide into the binding wires, and then clamp down to secure. It really is as simple as that.


personalized ABC book

Ruby was right there as I finished the book and squealed, “It’s me!”

Personalized ABC Book

This page is her favorite. When she finished looking at her book, she took it to Daddy to read to her again and she said, “It’s my favorite book!”

Personalized ABC Book

I love going through it too. I made one online at Christmas time for my 5 year old and formatting it was a nightmare. Maybe it was the company I used, but it just wasn’t fun to make at all! Then I misplaced it in the house and can’t find it. I was so disappointed on Christmas morning to not have the book to give to her so I am going to make her one like I did for Ruby.

I made one just like this (except with the rings binding it) for my oldest son 7 years ago and we still like looking through it!

personalized abc book


  1. says

    I love this! Adorable! I don’t have a lamination machine or your cute little binding machine, but I am a teacher so I’m sure I can try to use these at the school. I can’t wait to make this for my daughter!

    • says

      Awesome! I would love to have access to a better laminator, the school ones are much better than mine and wouldn’t take near as long to make. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Jackie says

    That is to adorable! Books for them (especially educational and fun) that they can drag around are so expensive, it’s almost ridiculous. Love this idea!!!!

  3. Sarah Hendricks says

    Adorable! I made one like it for my mother when her Alzheimer’s started taking her memories away. It seemed to make her more comfortable being able to look at pictures of people whose names she didn’t always remember and photos of special memories…reminding her, at least temporarily, that she DID have a life before Alzheimers!

    • says

      What a thoughtful gift! I absolutely love that and will keep it in mind as my husband’s father is approaching this stage as well. Thank you, Sarah!

  4. says

    This is an awful cute ABC book Brandi! I love my Cinch too, just don’t use it enough!! But maybe now I will and make these ABC books for my grandchildren. Thanks for a fabulous idea!

  5. carol says

    adorable!!and if you include pictures of family members, it is a good way to recognize them too. i use transparent contact paper as we don’t have access to laminators here in Venezuela…

  6. Michelle says

    I am not very experienced with photo editing. I tried using Picture Monkey and cannot figure out how you resized/formatted your photos so that you put the writing below them. I figured out how to put the text on the picture, but like your way better.

    • says

      Hi Michelle! I used the “collage” feature to add a space on the bottom for text! To do this, make a collage with two photos. Use the “square deal” layout. Add a photo to the top left and bottom left squares. Delete the right squares. Then delete the bottom left photo. You will end up with one photo on the top and a large blank area on the bottom. Resize that area until it is a nice space for text. Then click “edit”. That will save your collage and make a white area on the bottom of your photo where the second photo used to be. Then it will take you to the editing area where you can add text! I hope that makes sense! Let me know if you have any more questions! :)

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