Hand Sanitizer Printable for Teachers


A quick and easy gift to bring to Back to School night. Give your teacher a “hand” with this calling card printable and hand sanitizer!

Hand Sanitizer Printable for Teacher
School shopping is dreaded by many, but I actually don’t mind it. I like brand new boxes of crayons, fresh pencils, and all of the things that mean the start to a brand new year. As far as clothing goes we don’t go overboard. I buy clothes throughout the year, and even during the summer if they need them, so the main thing that we purchase are a new pair of shoes and a package of socks.

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The class lists are always very reasonable here. Just the basics. I remember buying a lot more when we lived in Ohio just for the boys going to preschool and kindergarten! Like bags full of supplies. Each state is different, and I really don’t mind supplying the things that my children will need especially since they are at such reduced prices this time of year. $.14 for a notebook? Sure, I’ll buy 10!

I do have one question though…my 6th grader has to bring a binder, 5 dividers, pencils, and a pencil box for PE. P.E.! Can someone please tell me why? When I was in Jr. High, we needed gym shorts and a t-shirt so this is new for me.

Hand Sanitizer Printable for Teacher
I found everything we needed for the school year at Target, including the most darling cowgirl boots for Kaylee. She wore hers all the way through to the point that there toes were coming out the bottom last year and this was the only thing she requested to have this year. She also needed a new lunchbox so she chose this awesome Mystery Machine one. It cracks me up! I picked up new reusable lunch containers for each other kids. I like these ones because they stack and come with an ice pack too. New water bottles, pencil pouches, socks, shoes, a mini bottle of PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer for each of them, and a bike lock for Dallin who will be riding his bike with friends to middle school this year.

Hand Sanitizer Printable for Teacher
I didn’t really think about germs all that much when I first sent my kids to school. Then I went in and volunteered a few times and saw some of the hygiene habits of the children. That’s when I started having my kids wash their hands immediately after getting off of the bus! I’m not talking about anything out of the ordinary or incredibly disgusting. Just kids being kids. Sneezing on their hands, wiping their nose with their shirt or hands, picking their noses, licking things off of their hands. My kids sometimes do these things too, but when you multiply that by 24 kids…that’s a whole lotta’ germs. This is why I started sending my kids with their own small bottle of PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer to use before lunch and any time they feel like they need to clean their hands.

I also keep PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes in the car to wipe up after school or on the road. Target had a large display of PURELL® products in the Back to School aisle which made it easy to stock up on the necessities.

Hand Sanitizer Printable for Teacher
Each classroom always has a bottle next to the sink and on the teacher’s desk and they are good about reminding the kids to wash their hands.

I plan to continue to volunteer in the kids’ classes this year and decided to make a quick and easy gift to bring to Back to School night for their teachers in elementary school. A “calling card” so they know that not only am I willing to help out, but that I want to! Call me crazy, but mindless work like stapling papers, laminating projects, and grading spelling tests are fun for me. I also like catching a glimpse of my children interacting with friends and classmates.

Hand Sanitizer Printable for Teacher
This printable fits perfectly on a bottle of PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer and says, “Call Me If You Need a Hand” with a space for a name and phone number.

Hand Sanitizer Printable for Teacher
These will print 4 to a page and I’ve created several different ones for you to choose from!

Hand Sanitizer Printable for Teacher

To print, right click to open image in a new page. Click on file and print image.

Have you heard about the PURELL® 30 Day Challenge? A study showed that using PURELL® 3 times a day for 30 days can reduct the risk of getting sick. To me this isn’t that much of a challenge since I use hand sanitizer on a regular basis, and sometimes more than 3 times a day! We are still going to join the PURELL® 30 Day Challenge this year, and make sure that the kids are using the proper hand washing techniques as well to hopefully prevent a nasty cold and flu season in our home.

I will let you know how it goes for us after we finish the challenge! How do you get ready for cold and flu season when sending your kids back to school every fall? You can learn more about the PURELL® 30 Day Challenge here!




I made a Pinterest board that you can browse with all of the products I mentioned in this post (including the cute cowgirl boots!) from Target. Here’s to a healthy and happy school season :)



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