Summer 3-D Star Wreath

Aaron and I made this fun cardstock wreath for our front door. Nice and bright with summer colors and easy to customize for any season. How cute would it be in red, white and blue for the 4th of July, or made with fun Christmas paper?

Here is how to make your own!

Using your scissors/cutting tool/machine, cut out 12 {5″} stars. The number of stars you will need can vary, but for a 10″ wreath, 12 stars is a nice amount to start with. You can layer it more or less from there.

{We use the Plantin Schoolbook cricut cartridge. We made them using the “roly poly” feature so that they would be wide. Sturdy cardstock works best for making these.}

Now we’ll show you how to make your stars 3-D!

Below is one all ready to be scored. The white cardstock is under the bright paper.

Score your star 5 times. Once for each point. Start at the point and score directly across to the center between the two bottom points. Rotate star and score again until each point has been scored.

Fold each scored line and crease firmly.

There is your 3-D star! Now finish up the rest of them and you’ll be ready to assemble the wreath or use them for any number of fun little projects.

Cut out a 10″ ring for your wreath base using thin cardboard.

Hot glue the stars to the ring and eachother. Since they stick out, you can’t glue them flat, so just apply a small amount of glue to the points where the stars overlap eachother. Don’t skimp on the glue.

Attach a ribbon for hanging.

That’s it! Perfect for summer. I just love free projects!


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    That’s fabulous. I hope I can do that so I can put a red white and blue one on my door. Thanks for the tutorial.
    Happy 4th of July weekend.

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    This is sooo cute!! I want to make them for all seasons…Maybe I could do a “Twilight” one…hmmmm…I’m so joking…I couldn’t resist :) ♥ya Brandy…I think a red, white & blue one would be really cute.

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    I saw your feature over at Keeping It Simple. I love, love, love this wreath. I can’t wait to try it myself. Thanks for posting!!!

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    Oh no way! I love it! And SO much cheaper than buying a foam wreath and a bunch felt! haha that seems to be the trend lately. Thanks for linking this up at Fine Finds Friday! I’m going to feature it soon, i’ll let you know!

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    Very nice! I love your color choices, but you are so right, the possibilities of this pattern are endless. Thanks for sharing!

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    This may be a really dumb question but what are you scoring these with? Are you using something sharp like an exacto knife or scissors? Or just denting it? I can’t wait to make this. thank you!


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