Adding Style to Maternity Shirts {For AFTER Baby!}

I had a couple of cute maternity tops in my closet that I wasn’t sure what to do with. We don’t have plans on expanding our family, but I didn’t just want to get rid of them. So I figured I would try my hand at shirring….again. The last time I tried shirring was almost 2 years ago and I vowed I would never do it again.
All of the blogs said it was so easy and addicting. I went out and bought (what I thought was) the elastic thread and attempted to shir a dress for Kaylee only to have it turn out disastrous. So after that every time I’d see “It’s so fun and easy…” I’d say to myself, “They are LYING!” Yep, I was annoyed with shirring. But then I found out that I WAS WRONG and had bought the wrong type of elastic thread….and then I humbled myself.
I found the right stuff about 6 months ago and finally got around to trying my hand at it.
 This is the elastic thread that you will use in your bobbin.
  The left is what I used before. The right is the correct thread. In my defense, they kind of look similar, right? Ok, maybe not. The other stuff is “cording” not thread.
BEFORE                                                                          AFTER 
And so I threaded my machine with matching thread for the top and the elastic thread in the bottom and started and it was…a disaster. Awful. The tension was all wrong, I used a seam ripper to get some of the thread out and it made a hole in my shirt! So I cut off the bottom of the shirt and sat there wondering what to do. Maybe my first shirring project using knit wasn’t such a great idea.
Then I remembered about this new thread that I bought. NICE thread. I bought a box of Gutermann thread spools in assorted colors.  Not the cheapy stuff that I bought on one of those daily deal sites a few months back. I swapped out threads and that did the trick! It made sewing with the elastic thread and knit just as easy as sewing cotton fabrics. Moral of the story: USE GOOD THREAD! The other stuff was ok for cotton and projects that won’t be washed on a regular basis. But use the good stuff for blankets and clothing.
I think it turned out cute. A little shorter than I anticipated (due to having to cut off the bottom and start over), and it has a raw edge, but it fits nicely, has a lot of stretch and looks more fashionable than my tented maternity top.
Now to finish up the black one and I’ll have 2 “new” re-purposed tops! I still don’t consider it fun and easy though. Maybe next time I’ll try cotton fabric and see if it is easier before I get all high and mighty, ha!
 Here is the tips and tricks tutorial that I used for my first attempt at shirring. She also has troubleshooting tips that I found helpful!



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    Very cute!! You did a good job! What a great idea in re-purposing maternity clothes so you don’t have to basically throw away all the money you paid to wear them less then a year lol.

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