Perry the Platypus Cake

We have some “Phineas and Ferb” fans in our home so for Aaron’s 7th birthday I made him a Perry the Platypus cake. It was extremely simple and he loved it. The only rough patch was the batch of fondant I made. Somehow I think I must have added too much water or something. It was so stretchy and hard to work with. It stretched so much when I picked it up that it ended up being really thin and impossible to spread the bubbles out…hence the texture you see, but everything else was easy to do. I used fondant for the features and then used concentrated food coloring to paint on the details.

All 4 of our children were born the last quarter of the year. So now I can sit back and relax without planning a birthday party until September!


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    OH! That’s so cute! My kids (now 19 and 22) would have loved that when they were younger–they loved Phineas and Ferb.) Who am I kidding—they would still love it! Very fun.

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    I love cake decorating, and I love to check out people’s work. This is a really fun design. I have made my only fondant a few times, and the results have varied…with the same recipe. It’s weird. I wonder why you had issues too. I have decided to use the Duff brand, which I love working with, and the taste is waaaaaay better than Wilton. I buy it with my 40% off coupon at Michael’s, and I have found that it is reasonable at that price. Just thought I’d throw that out there in case you find it helpful. The cake is adorable though! You made it work. Jodi @

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