Easter Egg Hunt Lunch

Lunch time has never been so fun! We had an Easter Egg Hunt lunch last year and it was such a hit that we can’t wait to do it again. I am also going to fill Dallin and Aaron’s lunch boxes with eggs as well since they won’t be home to partake in the fun preschool version. Here is how our fun tradition began….
Kaylee and I decided to do something a little different with lunch! We filled Easter eggs with all sorts of lunch items. Bite sized lunch items. Even little peanut butter & honey sandwiches.
Since Kaylee and Aaron were going to both be finding these, we marked the ones for Kaylee with stickers and the plain ones would be Aaron’s. This would make splitting up lunch a little easier.
Then I got busy and hid the eggs before Aaron’s kindergarten bus arrived.
Kaylee ran right up to the bus and handed Aaron a basket. He hit the grass running.
After the eggs were found, the sorting began. It was such a beautiful day (as all of the days here in Ohio have been the past couple of weeks) so they enjoyed their little lunch outside. I usually hide eggs with little snacks as a fun afternoon activity, but Aaron liked how there were sandwiches too so I think we’ll do lunch eggs more often.


  1. says

    Brilliant!! We will be on spring break in a week and I will need something like this to help a pre-k-er not waste his week in front of the TV.

  2. Dee Ward says

    I love this idea its awesome. I will be doing this activity with my family day care children. Would you happen to have a template for the eyes please. Thanks Dee

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