May Day Flower Cake

We are preparing a fun little tea party for Kaylee and her closest 4 and 5 year old girlfriends. It just happened that the day we scheduled it happened to be May 1st. May day!  She is so excited. We are expecting 6 little girls to show up at noon for sandwiches, yogurt, fruit and this sweet daisy cake that Kaylee made.Here is how she did it!

I baked 10 cupcakes and a small round cake. Kaylee made sure that 10 cupcakes would fit around and they did, perfectly. Then she frosted the center in yellow and I piped swirls of white frosting on the cupcakes. She added sprinkles (notice Ruby is “helping”) and the cake was finished.
We ended up only being able to put 9 around the cake because SOMEONE stole a cupcake, unwrapped it, and began eating it while I was putting frosting in the piping bag! Little stinker 😉
I just love this little girl. I hope she has has a wonderful afternoon with her friends.We have another fun cake for kids to make that we are going to share tomorrow. So be sure to check back for that one!

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    She did an awesome job. Life skills are so needed to be taught at an early age and I am so proud of you for teaching your daughter planning and hostessing. I bet she was pleased as punch. Ruby stealing the cupcake reminded me of teaching a Girl Scout meeting where the girls made “Love Bugs” out of candy and heart shaped cookies. My daughter ate her candy while I was explaining to the others what we were going to do. I didn’t notice until she started having trouble assembling hers. :)


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      Maureen, that is too cute and definitely reminds me of Ruby :) Thank you for your sweet comments. The tea party was a huge success. The little girls looked so darling and had so much fun! Have a wonderful weekend, Brandy.

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