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Bakery Style Valentine’s Sugar Cookies

Ruby and I decided to make some Valentine’s Day Cookies. When given the choice of cookie cutters to use, hearts and bunnies always win with her. So pretty and feminine. We made batch of our Bakery Style Sugar Cookies with a pretty Valentine’s twist. Ruby loves to help me in the kitchen. I cut out a […]

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Printable Valentine’s Day Lunch Box Jokes & Coupons

  Printable Valentine’s Day Lunch Box Jokes & Coupons My kids love reading and sharing jokes with each other. Especially the ones found on Laffy Taffy packaging. I started making seasonal lunch box jokes to print out and they are always a hit. I have a little stack of them in the silverware drawer and […]

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Caramel Apple Sweet Rolls

Caramel Apple Sweet Rolls

#WarmUpYourDay #CollectiveBias When it comes to breakfast I am a cold cereal and toast kind of mom. Hot breakfasts are usually reserved for weekends or when we have “breakfast for dinner”. This is because mornings are crazy and we are usually running late (we won’t go into my “snooze” button habits!) Today I am going to share […]

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Quilted Sweetheart Pillow Tutorial

Quilted Sweetheart Pillow

These heart quilt blocks were so much fun to make! I saw the tutorial on Cluck Cluck Sew and knew I needed to make some, but I didn't want to commit to another quilt right now so I made pillows for … [Read More...]

kids earring box

DIY Earring Storage Box

My girls took the plunge and got their ears pieced in December. Together! It was something that we had talked about for quite a while. Santa brought them each a few pairs of earrings and we decided … [Read More...]


{3 Step} Raspberry Soap

Today I am sharing another simple soap combination: a 3 Step Raspberry soap. It really is as easy as that. 3 simple steps and you have a wonderfully scented homemade gift. I made these bars for the … [Read More...]


Snowball Soap!

Snowball soap is fun to make and fun to give away! The boys and I made it 5 years ago, after seeing it in a Family Fun magazine, but this was the girls' first time ever trying it. This is a fun … [Read More...]