Crib Mattress Dog Bed & DIY Mattress Cover

Crib Mattress Dog Bed

Aww, look at Toby. Almost a year old and such a sweet little guy. Toby loves to sleep on soft things: pillows, blankets, towels, clean clothes pile. You get the drift. If I was a dog, I would rather sleep on things like that too. He has a nice soft bed in his kennel that [Read More]

California Raisins #SnackToSchoolParty & Giveaway!

California Raisins Giveaway

Earlier this week  I had the opportunity to take the kids to #SnacktoSchoolParty  sponsored by California Raisins! They spoiled our family and are sponsoring this post and fun giveaway!   They were able to participate in activities centered around raisins and even learned some fun facts too!   There was a trail mix bar as well as another fun [Read More]

Coming To The End of an Era {diapers!}

Potty Training

This post brought to you by Huggies and Kleenex. All opinions are 100% mine.   Is there anything cuter than a little diaper bum? I would venture to say not. I love the little sound it makes as it walks. I can hear Ruby wherver she goes! We are fast approaching a new chapter in [Read More]

A Toy Recommendation from Our Family to Yours

Lego Juniors play sets

We are always looking for fun engaging gift ideas for our children. Toys that allow their imaginations to soar, encourage playtime, and develop fine motor skills. With four children, the last thing we need around here is more “stuff” for me to put away or store in a closet.  So I am very choosey on [Read More]

Storage Basket Liner Tutorial

Storage Basket Liners Tutorial

  Who loves the storage cubes and stands at IKEA? I do, I do! I have them in my living room and use the nylon ones for individual hampers for the kids in their bathroom. The storage shelves are awesome too. As I was looking around in my living room the other day I notice [Read More]

In-Vehicle Pick Up for Busy Moms? Yes, please!

In-Vehicle Pick Up

Thank you, Sears, for sponsoring my writing and understanding the lives of busy moms! I remember the days when I loved to go shopping. When browsing the clothing department, fabric aisles and home decor sections was something I looked forward to. There are still times I enjoy doing that, but it is only when I am [Read More]

Chicken & Vegetable Fried Rice

Chicken and Vegetable Fried Rice

Thank you, Success® Rice, for sponsoring my creativity in the kitchen! Chinese food is such a wonderful mixture of flavors. Today I’m sharing how we make fried rice. Such a versatile recipe since you can add any vegetables you have on hand! I make this dish regularly, but switched it up this time by using [Read More]

The Story Behind the Quilt


  Grandma Eva was amazing at quilting and sewing. She taught me how to sew and helped instill a love in me for homemade things.  Some of my fondest childhood memories were at her home in Grass Valley, California. Cooking, sewing, playing games, visiting, and watching her (and sometimes helping her) hand quilt whatever quilt [Read More]