Sweet Little Fleece Bunny Tutorial

 I think our children are some of the last to have Spring Break. Most of our friends had their Spring Break back in March. Ours is this week! So to kick things off, Kaylee and I made this sweet little fleece bunny. My inspiration for this little project came from this idea for a sock bunny. We used a scrap piece of fleece and a few minutes later had this adorable little bunny that will be adored for quite some time by this little gal.

Would you like to make 1 or 2 or 3 with your little ones? Here is what you will need!
8″ x 10″ scrap of fleece
felt scraps, googly eyes, pom pom, any embellishments you would like
lentils, beans, or rice
hot glue gun
rubber band
Fold your fleece scrap in half and stitch up the side (it will be 4″ in width, 10″ in height) and along the bottom to create your pouch. That’s it for sewing!
Turn right-side out and fill with lentils (or whatever filling you have on hand).
If you don’t spill lentils all over the place, then you are not doing it right! 😉
Fill until it reaches 7″ from the bottom. Tie off with a rubber band.
 With scissors, snip down the center of the fabric above the rubber band to create the ears.
Round off the edges to create the shape of ears. Tie a ribbon 4″ from the bottom to create a head for your bunny.
And your sweet little bunny is done!
I couldn’t pose her like this if I tried. I just snap as she plays. And, just so you know, she dresses herself and picks out her outfits every day. This little Southern Belle outfit was perfect for this shoot and merely a coincidence.
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