Hundreds of Project Ideas at Your Finger Tips!

I’m excited to announce that I FINALLY finished making photo index categories for Gluesticks! Now instead of going through the labels in the side column to find projects (and I’m awful at remembering to label my posts) you can just look above in the header! Yay!


Just click on the tab in the header to be taken to a page full of photos and links to each project. It was fun to go through the archives and see many projects that had been pushed to the back of the blog over the years that deserved a bit of a spotlight too! And I will continue to add new projects to the tabs as I create them. So sit back, grab a snack, and feel free to check out some of the ideas. And since each photo link will open a new window it makes it easy to pin and come right back to the indexing page.


The Favorite Posts page is full of my favorite projects here and the top rated ones by visitor count.


Here you will find recipes categorized in sections. Bread, Desserts, Appetizers, Cake Ideas, and a section for Soups, Sides, and Main Dishes.


There are so many craft projects so I created seperate categories for them: Sewing, Home Crafts and Decor, Gifts, and Seasonal.
And kids crafts! Yay! There is a section for kid friendly activities and projects and another one called “Kids in the Kitchen”. Recipes to make with kids!
I hope you will find the blog slowly getting easier to navigate as I work on re-formatting it these next few months.

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