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This time of year is wonderful for many things. One of those things is getting sick. It just seems to be the prime time and conditions to get sick this time of year. One day the weather is freezing cold, the next it warms up…only to go and get cold again. All of that time indoors, especially with a large family, means a lot of time to share germs. So it seems that someone always gets has the sniffles.
And when I get sick, nothing changes. I don’t snuggle on the couch and watch a movie. I get up, take a shower, make lunches and take the kids to school. Sound typical? That’s the life of a mommy! So nothing is worse when I am feeling under the weather than constantly having to blow my nose which results in a  raw chapped one. OUCH.

White Cloud understands this and has created a tissue that is more than a tissue. They have created (and I quote) a “comforting hug” for your nose. Sounds silly, but it’s true. White Cloud thinks that “Noses Need Hugs Too”. They are premium quality at a without a  premium price, come in 19 designs so there is one for every room and are so very soft on your nose. You can Find a Store Near You to get your own supply of hugs for your nose 😉
So between taking care of the kids, blowing my nose, filling up on extra vitamin C and maybe treating myself to some couch time while Ruby takes her afternoon nap, that is how I handle a cold.
What is your feel-better fix when you are sick?
Would a Ultimate Comfort Package do the trick to help you feel better? I think it would make me feel better!
The Ultimate Comfort Package will be full of soft and comforting items that will provide the soothing feeling of a comforting hug when you need it most. It’ll include:
set of (4) bath sheets, set of (4) coffee mugs, (1) pair of slippers, (1) pair of slippers, (1) Queen-sized sheet set, (1) tea assortment, (1) electric blanket. (1) White Cloud Facial Tissue multipack.
So enter to win the sweepstakes and here is to a healthier springtime!

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