Peanut Butter Pops {A Guest Post By My 4 Year Old}

We have a very picky toddler who doesn’t care for protein and carbs. She is a fruit/veggie and dairy kind of gal and so I have to try to sneak protein and good fats into her when I can. Last night I was making her a peanut butter pop (which she handed back to me) and Kaylee, my 4 year old, wanted to make one for herself.
Before I knew it, she had grabbed a spoon and was helping herself to the peanut butter. Then she said, “Can you make a video of me making a one so that I can show others how to do it?”

You’d think she was the daughter of a blogger or something.
So without further adieu, here is a guest post and video tutorial on making a peanut butter pop by Kaylee! A fun little treat that a kid can make all by themselves and customize it however they want.



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    oh my gosh that is sooo cute!!! i will have to try that with my toddler she loves peanutbutter and that would make a great treat!!! thanks for sharing:-)

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