Red White & Blue Mini Fruit Pizzas

 The perfect summer dessert!  You could make a large one and cut it up, but these are fun! I always buy too much fruit, especially at road side stands and this is a great way to use it up before it gets too ripe. They are so easy to whip up and are always a hit. Make a big batch and bring them to your next summer potluck or get-together!

For these I make a batch of my favorite sugar cookies, but you could use store bought refrigerated cookie dough too.  Bake and let cool completely.
Beat together: 4 oz. cream cheese and 1 c. marshmallow creme. Spread onto cookies, then add whatever fruit toppings you want. I’m not big on cream cheese, so I keep it minimal, but I am one of the few in the world who feel this way, so you can come up with any ratio you want for that!

Dallin was my helper. He helped with the cookie cutters and then decorated each and every mini pizza. He took great care, leaving one with just bananas for himself since he doesn’t care for blueberries or strawberries that much.

I’ve made these before using the cream cheese frosting, and added a thin layer of cherry pie filling on top. Just make sure to keep these refrigerated, and add the bananas last if you are going to serve them several hours later as they will brown.

If you need a great sugar cookie recipe feel free to use ours! My Bakery Style Sugar Cookies can’t be beat! Recipe link below:

bakery style sugar cookies

Bakery Style Sugar Cookies


  1. says

    Oh yum. We had fruit with the marshmallow dip last night for dinner. I love fruit pizza but for 3 it just gets wasted. With the option of making them individual I think it would work better for our menus.

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