Pretty Little Nightgowns are Back

Both of my little girls love to wear dresses….every single day. I love that they want to be feminine and pretty. Last year Kaylee and I went to the Disney store and picked out a darling Rapunzel night gown. She loves it and has worn it a couple of times a week since, but I have noticed a trend over the years. Where did all of the simple nightgowns go? The ones without characters all over them?
What happened to the ones we had as little girls?  Although, looking back, I think mine may have been made by my Grandma. Maybe that’s why they didn’t have Rainbow Bright or Carebears on them…although I’m sure I would have loved them just the same.

I wanted to make my girls little nightgowns that they can twirl around in and feel like princesses while they sleep. I used light cotton with the tiniest flower buds. Of course I added a ruffle to the bottom of each one. Worth the extra 10 minutes.
The hardest part was explaining to the girls that these were jammies. They wore them the entire day after I finished them. Sun up till sundown and then to bed that night.
We decided that Fluffy needed one too. My little Kaylee, who is almost 5, sewed up this little dress for her. It was our first real sewing project together and it made my heart happy! She had so much fun and kept letting me know that she could do it all by herself. She sat on my lap and fed the fabric into the machine while I controlled the foot pedal. She did a great job and I can’t wait to help her sew more projects as she gets older.
We did not use a pattern for Fluffy’s little dress, but you can find the pattern I used for my girl’s nightgowns from Butterick. # 6659.  I bought it years ago for $.99 on sale at Joanns. Each nightgown took about a little over an hour to make.


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    Your jammie dresses turned out so sweet Brandy! My girls love nightgowns too! We love the Disney store ones but my oldest I think is a little embarrassed by them and has wanted me to take the picture of the princess off them. These would be a fabulous alternative!

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      Thank you Lisa! I’m sure your little girl would love one and with your amazing sewing skills you could probably make her one without a pattern! :)

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    Oh how sweet are those little nightgowns. Sewing is such an amazing talent to have. Your little girls are so lucky to have a mama who can make such beautiful things for them. :)

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      Thank you so much Haunani! It has been a blessing to be able to sew and teach others as well. Hopefully they will continue to enjoy helping me and working on projects together!

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    Oh these are so sweet – your little ones will treasure them. Reminds me of the time when my mom made me my nightgowns. Definitely better than store bought ones.

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    These little nighties are adorable!! I love wearing nighties like this when I was a kid! I can understand why your girls wanted to wear them all day and night. lol

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    Those little nightgowns are so cute and your girls are so pretty! Thanks for the tip on where to find patterns. I am starting to sew again. :)

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