2014 Day Planner {Free Printables!}

2014 Printable Day Planner

Hello friends! Today I’m sharing my 2014 day planner that I compiled using free printables from the web! I am old fashioned and need my schedule on paper. Right in front of me. I have a smart phone that I am sure has a wonderful calendar and reminders, but I just can’t function like that! I’m a hard copy kind of gal.

A day planner would also make a great Christmas gift for a friend! You can customize it however you’d like! I will also show you how I made my own tabs and give you a chance to win all of the equipment to make your own!  So this is a 3 in one post! A tutorial, a giveaway, and free printables! I’ve linked all of my sources  as well as my pinterest board with many more free printable planner ideas at the bottom of the post!   Let’s get started!


2014 Printable Day Planner

I chose a 3 ring binder for my planner (1″). There are many fancy binding systems out there, and I am currently thinking about getting one, but I wanted to be able to easily take pages in and out and a binder seemed like an inexpensive and practical way to do that. I got one that slants and can fold over so that it doesn’t take up a lot of room when I have it open.

2014 Printable Day Planner

I love these folders. Perfect for storing flyers, coupons, and my grocery list.

2014 Printable Day Planner

I like having my menu and grocery list right in front. It makes it easy to grab without flipping through pages. I am NOT good at making or sticking to a menu, but I’d like to be! Hopefully having it right there in front will remind me to do better.

2014 Printable Day Planner

I have a year at a glace birthday calendar right in front. Easy to see which events are coming up without thumbing through my calendar.

2014 Printable Day Planner

I like full page calendars and this one is perfect. Plenty of room for scheduling and even a notes section on the bottom.  My tabs begin here and go through each month.


2014 Printable Day Planner

Behind each monthly calendar I have 2 pages (4 weeks) of daily schedules and to do lists.


2014 Printable Day Planner

The front half of my binder is my calendar. The back half is my church and blog sections. I work with the children at our church and we have planning meetings frequently so I needed a section for those.

2014 Printable Day Planner

I printed out another year at a glance chart to keep track of the kids activities and the Sundays that I am teaching the lesson in Primary (Sunday School).

2014 Printable Day Planner

Lots and lots of note pages make it easy to go back and find the notes from the previous month.

2014 Printable Day Planner

The next tab is my blog. I printed out a separate calendar designed for bloggers.

2014 Printable Day Planner

I can keep track of posts, giveaways, and ideas for future posts.

2014 Printable Day Planner

In the back of my binder I have more clear envelopes to store extra menus as well as blog related items like flyers, gift cards that I am giving away, etc.

I’m loving this day planner and think it will do a great job keeping up with my craziness next year!  I recently joined the We R Memory Keepers / LifeStyle Crafts studio as a Home and Organization designer! This means that I will be sharing projects and fun tools with you along with  tutorials, giveaways, and reader discounts! Today I am going to show you how I made the tabs for my binder and then give away everything you see below!

If you like any of the products you see, you can use the code: GLUESTICKS to receive 20% off your order, anytime from We R Memory Keepers and the LifeStyle Craft products!


2014 Printable Day Planner

The Tab Punch is pretty self explanatory. It works like a charm and holds all of the punches in a storage area under the punch until I am ready for them. I punched out as many tabs as I needed with my favorite colors of card stock.

2014 Printable Day Planner

Then I used the TAB labels to categorize everything! The labels work for many fun projects. Day planners, calendars, and recipe books! That would be fun to put together sometime and would make a great wedding gift or college gift for a friend. Make dividers and fill a small binder with your favorite quick and easy recipes! Ok, back to my planner…

After I labeled my tabs, I used the TAB stickers to adhere them to my cardstock dividers. The stickers fold in half and sandwich the cardstock in between the sticky layers.

Simple as that!


2014 Day Planner With Printables

To make a day planner of your own, follow the links below to all of the free printables that I used!

1-  Menu Planner/Grocery List from Eat at Home

2- Birthday List from Craftaphile

3- Calendar from Miss Tina

4- Weekly Schedule from Cold Hands Warm Heart

5- Dates to Remember from DIY Home Sweet Home

6- Note Paper from Confessions of a Homeschooler

7- Monthly Blog Calendar from Confessions of a Homeschooler

8- Planner Cover from Simple as That

A Year at a Glance Calendar (glued on top of planner cover) from Miss Tina

I made a Pinterest board to keep track of my favorites from the web. There are so many that I loved, but didn’t end up using. You can find those here.


Disclosure: I am a studio member for LifeStyle Crafts/We R Memory Keepers. I receive products of my choosing in exchange for tutorials and projects shared on Gluesticks.


  1. Lisa L says

    I love the idea of organizing, but I’m so bad at it. I would definitely use the punch and labels to reorganize our filing drawer. And maybe, just maybe I’ll be organized enough to make a planner like yours. Thanks for the tips, printouts, and giveaway!

  2. Kimmi Buzzard says

    Thank you for sharing this awesome Tab tool! If I don’t win, I will definitely be getting one of these for my classroom!

  3. Kelley Gutman says

    Thank you for sharing you day planner. I love all of your projects, and have made a few of them (stacking dolls for Grand-daugher, yeah!). I am a binder queen! I love to collect craft ideas and recipe’s. The tab tool would be a great addition to keep all of my binders organized. Thanks for sharing!

  4. ruthi carrillo says

    I love the tab punch! It does look simple to use. Do you know if the labels are available in other languages? The idea of using a simple binder as opposed to a more expensive system has me hooked!

    • says

      Hi Ruthi! I’m not sure what language the labels are available in. The site is still in the first phases and they may not have all products available online yet. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. says

    I love organizing and that punch and stickers are adorable! I would organize our scripture memory work into a neat binder as well as make our homeschool binders neat and tidy with it!

  6. Megan F. says

    I love this! I’m currently repainting a file cabinet and going to completely redo our family filing system, so that tab punch would come in super handy! Love to see all the great projects you do, Brandy. You always inspire me!

  7. Sandy says

    I would love the tab maker and labels….I am a gadget freak!!! I co-teach a three year old class at our church Parents Day Out program….I have not found an organizational calendar that I really like…I definitely would use the free printables and accessories to get ready for the new year!!!

  8. Jennifer says

    I love this idea…..it seems so doable. I like the idea of making your own tabs so that you can have as many as you want. I think I am going to do this for myself at home as well as at school (job). Thank you very much for sharing this.

  9. Erin says

    I would organize everything! Birthdays..dinner planning…finances and much more. This would really help me get on track! I really need organization in my life.

  10. Tiffany Fisher says

    You know I am OBSESSED with organizing! This would be like a dream come true! Those tab punches are super cool!

  11. Lorena says

    organizing and simplifying is my on-going resolution. Every step I make that actually implements these goals is a lifesaver. I LOVE the binder organization. With kids school events, appointments, small buisness and GIrl Scouts I am goinf to really need to get this binder organization going. I love the punch!

  12. Elizabeth says

    I love to organize and have a game plan. I make a list almost daily!!! This TAB punch would be awesome!! thanks for the great ideas and lovely printables…

  13. Bridget says

    I’d LOVE these TAB goodies to organize my planner/life. They are just what I was looking for to customize my calendars and all those tabs!

  14. Barbara says

    I love this idea! Since my Dad died two years ago my Mom has lived with my husband and me. I am always taking a calendar & note pad with me when I take my Mom to numberous doctors appointments. I have to keep up with all her medications, appointments and take notes on what each doctor has to say to keep it all straight. This planner would work great. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    • says

      You’re welcome Barbara. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now, but what a wonderful thing you are doing for your mother. My aunt did the same thing for my grandmother and it was amazing how she was so organized (or at least seemed organized!) about it all. Best of luck!

  15. Gwen H. says

    I am always interested in improving my planning skills. I would love to win all the TAB goodies. Thank you for the information.

  16. Brittany Wahlen says

    To be honest, I’m not really sure what I would use the TAB punch for, so I’m not entering, so that someone else has a better chance to win. I just wanted to say how much I LOVE this post and how excited I am to get more organized, and I just loved that all the printables are free. Thanks Brandy :)

  17. JennGlatts says

    That has got to be the coolest little punch in the world, soooo useful! I would so use that to make a super-duper planner for the new year!! One of my goals is total organization domination for 2014!! ;)

  18. says

    I just saw this tab punch yesterday and thought it was the greatest idea. I have been looking for a way to customize my divider tabs in my planner without having to laminate them. I would love to win one of these.

  19. says

    I liked We R Memory Keepers on Facebook. I should have sooner since I’m finding myself gravitating towards their products when I need new supplies.

  20. says

    I am loving your planner Brandi! I too need a planner/calendar or something to keep me organized. I can’t seem to just rely on a smartphone, I gotta see it on paper. I love the printables and will be printing some of these out for myself. I also loved that you used a notebook to organized yourself instead of a fancy organizer. I love them but their prices are just not real to me. I can’t justify spending that much money on a planner that will be no good the next year! Call me cheap, but just can’t do it. lol Thanks for this most useful post!

  21. Anna says

    Winning this contest would propel my organization at work! I am a speech therapist and would use TAB labels to organize therapy handouts, worksheets and materials!!

  22. Christine Carter says

    I have been thinking of making my own planner because I can’t seem to find one that fits my needs and budget. This is practical and cheerful! Thanks for the free printables! Even if I don’t win the give away I will still print them off to use, though I think I might try a slightly smaller page size to fit a planner shell (for lack of a better term- just the outside I’ve used up the inside and can replace the papers) I already have. Cute and just what I need. Thanks again!
    PS- I found this idea on pinterest and this is my first visit to your blog, but I’m sure it won’t be my last. I’m a follower now! :)

  23. Diane says

    I love this planner and the punch to make the Tabs your own. It will definitely get well used at my house and in my classroom. The binder organizer is so beneficial and easy to use. Can’t wait to print it!! Thanks for such a great idea.

  24. Brenna says

    I am currently organizing my home office and sooooo could have used this and not need to go to officemax. I still have more projects I could use it with though. Thank You for all the tips and the Resources to my Home Management Binder. and a Planner. I needed both of these. One day I hope to be able to craft for fun not for organizing only:)

  25. GRACE says

    OMG .. how clever. Love it, love the tab punch and everything. Will definitely use these for organizing our lives :-) It’s a bit of chaos right now and need some organization. Thanks for the chance.

  26. Ampi Castano says

    I LOVE this! I hate my handwriting, so this would be perfect for my brand new and first 2014 Filofax! My OCD will love how neat and perfect these will look :) This is a brilliant idea!!!!!!!!!

  27. Kate Mazi says

    I would love to win! Ive been making my own planners for years now and having tabs would make it even more fantastic!!

    • says

      Hi! I’m not sure if you can mess with the size of PDFs or not. I haven’t tried, but you could see if you could save and print them out smaller. I know some I’d the links I shared offered smaller sizes of the downloads, but not all of them did that. Have a wonderful weekend!


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