5 Minute Fleece Hand Warmers

Fleece Hand Warmers

Winter is here. Even in California. It’s been in the 30s in the mornings here and it feels chilly! I helped Ruby make a bunch of little sets of 5  minute fleece hand warmers to give to everyone for Christmas. An easy 5 minute project to make one, less than 10 minutes to make a set. Fill them with rice and heat in the microwave to warm little hands and pockets. She even added a couple of drops of peppermint oils, and they smell wonderful!

5 Minute Fleece Hand Warmers

This is a great way to use up scrap fleece. I had a bunch after making 3 Step Fleece Pillowcases for my kids.

5 Minute Fleece Hand Warmers

To make a set you will need:

4 (4″) squares of fleece


essential oil (optional)

5 Minute Fleece Hand Warmers

I used pinking shears to cut the fleece and add a decorative edge at the same time. Sew 3 sides of your fleece.

5 Minute Fleece Hand Warmers

Add 2-3 T. rice

5 Minute Fleece Hand Warmers

Add a couple of drops of essential oil. This is totally optional, but rice does have a light musty odor when heated. We found this out with our Warm Bed Buddies. It isn’t bad, but noticeable.

5 Minute Fleece Hand Warmers

Stitch the 4th side closed to complete the square.

5 Minute Fleece Hand Warmers

Repeat for the other hand warmer and you’ll have a complete set!

Make up a bunch of these to have as gifts this winter!

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I heat them for 30 seconds and they are just right! You could probably heat them a bit more and see how that goes, but 30 seconds is perfect for my kids. Hope that helps!

Made these before and people love them but I found out, don’t heat them on a rack in the microwave if you have one. Don’t know if it was a fluke but it melted an edge and I am not trying it again just to check. Never had a problem if I put them on the glass turntable.

I made similar hand warmers out of flannel. In WI we need an extra boost of warmth, so I adjusted the size and created a “pocket” that could hold a chemical hand warmer too. It can be added to extend the time and warmth of these great rice filled kind.

20 seconds in the microwave lasts for about 30 minutes of warmth. One chemical hand warmer could be switched between the two rice warmers, for up to 8 hours of warmth.

New size: 5 X 4 (the kind I buy are 4 X 3 and about 1/2 an inch thick).
Add a 3rd strip of fabric, 5 X 3.5. It will be missed and not attached to one of the 4 inch sides to make a pocket.

Dani – I love your idea for adding a pocket. My husband is ill, so his hands get cold as ice! He asked how my making him a basic rice-type hand warmer would help while out. Problem solved! Thank you!

I made a few out of fleece with rice and heated one up for the first time (not too long at all but just enough), took it out and my hands were really wet… I didn’t like that b/c if I am trying to warm my hands I don’t want them wet when it’s cold out or my hands are cold. Why would they get so wet?? I wanted to make for gifts and now I don’t know. Also, I’ve read that fleece isn’t safe for micro..is that true?

Hi Sheri! I haven’t had any issues with fleece in the microwave. My mom sent my kids fleece softies that were meant for the microwave too, maybe it’s a certain kind of fleece? I’m not sure. I usually warm them for a few seconds, then flip them and warm again. There is a little moisture when heated, maybe cotton would cause less.