Homemade Croissants for the First Time

homemade croissants

I made homemade croissants for the first time last week! Have you ever tried making a puff pastry before? Danish, turnovers, croissants? The results are so amazing. I love making cherry turnovers and the technique for croissants is almost identical for the dough. Cold butter, lots of rolling and folding and even more waiting around. LOTS of waiting around for the dough to chill. I just went about my day, running errands while it sat in the refrigerator. It wasn’t hard at all. And I doubled the recipe since I figured it would probably be worth it after waiting so long for the dough to sit!

homemade butter croissants

That night I had a nice hot batch of croissants to share with my family. They were amazing.  All of that butter and rolling and folding created many many layers of flaky buttery dough. There is no way to speed up this process or cheat.

homemade flaky croissants

I let them cool and then stored them in an airtight container. They will keep for at least a day. I noticed that they were much softer the next day as opposed to being flaky and crunchy the night before. It reminded me of the difference between getting a fresh croissant at the Bouchon bakery in Napa Valley vs. a croissant at the grocery store. Both are delicious, but the texture is a little different if they were made the previous day.

homemade croissants2

The kids absolutely loved them too. Ruby calls them butter rolls. That describes them much better than the word “croissant”, don’t you think?

I followed the recipe from the lovely folks at Williams Sonoma. It was very straight forward, used basic ingredients and yielded the most amazingly perfect batch of croissant! I think I will try filling them next time! Since I doubled the recipe I ended up with 32. Recipe here!

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