Frozen Fruit Punch

I only requested one thing to be served at our wedding reception. Everything else just a bonus. That one thing was my Grandma Eva’s frozen fruit punch. She made it for Christmas dinners, Thanksgiving, and usually had a mason jar or two of it in her freezer.
I asked her for the recipe, but somehow over the years and changing computers, etc. the file became corrupted and I couldn’t open it. So I turned to my aunt and she gave me the recipe. Now I can make it for my family, and it is just as good as I remember it being. Refreshing, tangy, and fizzy.
The recipe is basically equal parts of all juices and then mix with 7-up, but for a reference, I shared the measurements I used this time.
Frozen Fruit Punch
3 cups orange juice
3 cups pineapple juice
3 bananas
lemon juice
Blend bananas in a blender and add juices and a splash of lemon juice. Freeze in quart size wide mouth mason jars. The night before serving, place jars in refrigerator to partially thaw. Break up mixture and pour into a pitcher or punch bowl. Mix with equal parts 7-up (If you have 2 mason jars full of juice mixture, add 2 parts of 7-up).


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    Making this tonight for when the missionaries come over for dinner. thanks for posting it so it’s easy for me look up when I want to make it. :)

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