Fleece Poncho

The weather has finally cooled off here in California… in the mornings at least. We are still hitting the 80s in the afternoon which makes dressing the kids difficult when it is 48 degrees in the morning. It’s light enough for her to pull off when she gets warm and put it in her backpack.
 I made Kaylee 2 of these sweet little Fleece Ponchos. They are just perfect for this time of year and are so easy to make. As in, under 10-15 minutes or so.

We added a little ruffle to ours, but that isn’t necessary. If you skip the ruffle, it is a complete no-sew project!

What you’ll need:
3/4 of a yard of fleece will make 2 of these.
I didn’t need 2 so I used the scraps to make her a little scarf.
I cut out a square 27″x27″. If you’d like to keep this a no-sew project, you can stop right there, but I thought I’d add a little ruffle. I cut a strip of fleece twice as long as the square and stitched through the center, pulling the end strings to scrunch it.
Then pinned it to the fabric, stretching and adjusting as I went and stitched it into place.
There was extra on the ends so I just trimmed that part off.

Then I folded it in half diagonally and made the hole for her head. This little bowl is 4″ in diameter and was perfect. I just used it as my guide. You’ll just need a semi-circle shape on the fold.
Fleece is stretchy. It’s better to start small and make the hole bigger if you need to later.

There are several ways to finish the bottom. You can just leave it or cut it with pinking shears, or create a fringe. I just trimmed 2″ up across the bottom to create a fringe. I didn’t tie the ends, just left them like fringe.

And that was it!
It was so easy to make and only cost around $3 that I decided to make her 2. The one pictured, and another little black with white polka dot one.
The perfect little blanket for her shoulders.

***My little gal is 38″ tall. 3/4 yard of fleece is about 27″ and is perfect for a little girl her size (4-5 years). You can adjust accordingly to fit your child. A yard would make a 30″+ one for an older girl***

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I absolutely love this! The ruffle is so sweet! I wanted ponchos for my girls this year and I was going to knit them, but yours is quicker, lighter, easier, cheaper…and just as cute! Thank you!

You’re welcome! It seems like fleece is always on sale for a great price this time of year in so many fun prints! The perfect time to make a few of these 🙂

My 8 year old has a cast on her left arm and with cooler weather we’ve been
struggling keeping her warm…..this looks perfect for her!!!!!

This would be absolutely perfect for that. Just slips right over the head! Poor little thing. Hopefully she won’t have it much longer!

Hi Linda! She was 3 when this photo was taken. She is 5 now and her poncho still fits perfectly! It is a little big for my 2 year old daughter. You could easily take a couple of inches off the measurements and it would be just fine.

So Kris, can you give the measurements to fit the American Girl dolls. I would love to make one to match the one I plan to make for my granddaughter. Thanks

Hi Roseanne! I guess there are several ways to to the corners, but I just trimmed them all the way until there was a small square left of fleece in each corner, then cut out that square. (The same way you would cut out a square if you made a no sew fleece blanket and tie each fringe into a knot.) Hope that helps!