Simple 3 Step Fleece Pillowcases

3 Step Fleece Pillowcases


These 3 step fleece pillowcases are super simple to whip up. Perfect for a novice at sewing and the perfect beginning sewing project for kids!

Our kids are making all of the gifts that they are giving this year. Whether it is a picture they colored or bracelets for friends, they are adding their own special homemade touch to each one. I am excited to share some of these projects with you as the season progresses and share other kid friendly projects like this one below.

I made fleece pillow cases for my kids a few months ago and they LOVE them! So soft and cuddly. I made a few more to send to my nieces and nephews and snapped a few pictures of the process along the way! Make 1, 2 or 6 of these to have extras in stock for birthday gifts! Go ahead and get a yard of fleece for each one. There will be a little left over. You could even use the extra to make a 2 minute fleece scarf!

I did take a couple of cheats when making these. #1 I cut one side on the fold. You don’t have to cut on the fold. You can sew sew that extra side. #2 I hemmed the pillow case before sewing the side instead of doing it last. It’s just easier, but if you’d like a nice flush side seam you can hem it last (after sewing up the side).

3 Step Fleece Pillowcases

1. Cut Your Fabric:

You will need a piece of fleece that is 40″ wide and 32″ tall. Cut it on the fold to save time on sewing and that makes your measurements 20×32 on the fold. (dimensions are for a standard pillow case).

3 Step Fleece Pillowcases

2. Sew Bottom Hem.

Open your fabric and fold up 3″ on the bottom side of your fleece for the hem. Pin and zig zag, keeping the pressure foot along the edge of the cut of fabric.

3 Step Fleece Pillowcases

3. Sew side and top.

Fold your fabric, right sides together, hem facing out. Stitch sides beginning at the bottom where the hem meets. Use a 3/8″ seam allowance. You should only have to sew the side and top since you cut your fabric on the fold.

3 Step Fleece Pillowcases

Trim seems if necessary. Turn right side out and your pillow case is done! No ironing, double hems or notions of any kind!

3 Step Fleece Pillowcases


  1. Stephany says

    Great and easy tutorial! I have been planning to make a couple for my daughter, but looking at how easy it is I am going to make some for my nieces too! Thank you very much for sharing.

  2. Connie Ward says

    Awesome! This might be the niece/nephew Christmas gift of 2014!! Plus side is DS could help pick the fleece for his cousins to have.


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