Aren’t these little guys great?!?! When I showed Aaron the link for these cupcakes he didn’t skip a beat and asked if we could make some. We had no occasion to make them for, but who needs an occasion for cupcakes? Then we decided that these would be a fun Family Home Evening treat. So he made some yesterday!
FYI: Finding white smarties takes A LOT of little packages of smarties. Most of them are pink and purple, but that was even better for the kids because they liked snacking on the extras.
 Frosting the cupcakes in blue to match the minion’s over-alls.
 Each minion is made from a half of a twinkie, two smarties, and colored icing for the eyes and glasses. Aaron couldn’t wait to finish frosting the cupcakes so that he could lick the knife. You can see the evidence on his face :)
 After adding the smarties he decided that he was done with frosting and putting the minions together. So I took over with the eye details.
And here they are! Be sure to check out the link for more Despicable Me party ideas! She did a fantastic job!


  1. Love that movie and am totally in love w/ those cupcakes

  2. Cute!

  3. Yep, just showed this to my son and we have to make them now! Too cute!!

  4. How cute! I enjoyed seeing your kids enjoy themselves. They look like they are really concentrating on making those minions. What fun times!

  5. These are so adorable! And, I love the blue frosting mustache…..

  6. Oh My! Now I want to have a Despicable Me party :).

  7. LOVE! How fun that you made your with your kiddos. Control freak that I am, I made them solo.

    Are you on Flickr? I would love it if you would add these to the Emilioe Handmade photo pool!

  8. We made them too! I’ll have to send you a picture. My kids thought they were hilarious.

  9. What are your smarties – my kids would love these but in Australia smarties are hard covered chocolate buttons – are these like little rounds of flavoured sugar????

  10. {Squeal!} Those are the cutest cupcakes!! Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

  11. Those cupcakes are adorable! They look delicious too :)

  12. I saw your post today on Sew Much Ado……I LOVE LOVE LOVE your cupcakes. How cute!!! I can’t wait to make them and share with my family. Thanks for sharing.


  13. This is such a fun idea, my kids would love making them! :)

  14. So totally cute!!!

  15. OH my gosh these are so fabulous!

  16. Those are cute, and make me want to go buy twinkies…and not necessarily to make those minions. :) Now, when I watch that movie again, I’m gonna need to pass out twinkies before I sit down.

  17. i do believe this is the cutest thing I’ve seen today. these are ADORABLE!! haha i love them

    I’d love for you to link this up to my link party, Your Whims Wednesday!

  18. Hi,

    LOL! Those are so cute. I’m a new follower. Can’t wait to read more of your blog. Have a nice day.


  19. ACK!!! Are you kidding me! These are the cutest things EVER!!! I have to make some of these!! SO CUTE!!!

  20. Those are just adorable! I love the Minions and that movie. Hmmmm, do you think my son would like these for his high school graduation in June?? No? Darn.

  21. I love these! They are so darling and fun! I am totally featuring you tomorrow on my blog!

  22. I’m dying over here! Those are too cute! My 2 year old is obsessed with those little guys, wish I had seen these a month ago for his birthday, but you’re right, who needs and occasion for cupcakes! We’ll have to try these soon!

  23. Oh my gracious! Those are crazy cute.

  24. ohmygosh, these are the cutest!

  25. oh gosh, these are great! we just watched the movie last night ~ i might have to make these!

  26. These are hilariously cute! Even my husband, who does not understand my love of all things crafty and decorating and questions my sanity at times, thought these were great! Stopped by from FJI.

  27. Those are so cute! I love them! My son and I will be making these for sure!

  28. Okay, those have to be the most adorable and hilarious cupcakes I have ever seen! Loved the movie and love the cupcakes!!!

  29. Oh my word, just adorable!!!

  30. These cupcakes brought a smile to my face, I will have to make these with my nephews, they will love it!

  31. LOVE those!!!

  32. Found you on Skip to my Lou and SO glad I did! I’m your newest follower! These are adorable!!! Even though I haven’t seen the movie, they caught my eye! I love making “fun foods” too! Super cute!

  33. Oh my! Those are so totally awesome! SO AWESOME! I love them. Wow. Okay. I have got to make some of those with my kids.

    So so awesome…

  34. really really cute and funny! :-)

  35. I am getting twinkies tomorrow and making these for my little guy…he loves the minions! This is SO cute!

  36. Just adorable – my kids would love these. I’d love if you linked these to my Kids Can Craft party:)

  37. So cute!! I love it!

  38. I featured this today over at Today’s Top 20!


  39. Really adorable!

  40. Hi Brandy! I’m new to your blog and just wanted to say that I loved this post! I actually shared it up on my blog at:

    Looking forward to seeing more of your baking/craft adventures. Cheers!

  41. It’s twinkies! I was wondering from the pic what that was. I found you on CraftoManiac. Wow, you let your kids help. I would be freaking out! LOL Good job. They are super cute.

  42. Oh my! This is fabulous! We love minions and twinkies at our house, so clearly we will have to try this. Thanks for sharing- it’s great!

  43. Just like straight out of the movie! These are too adorable and I love that the kids helped make them! Tell them they are wonderful models.

    Glad I hopped on over to take a peak!

  44. My kids LOVE this…and now are dying to make some of their own.

    I featured this on my blog. Thanks for sharing!


  45. Oh, oh, oh! These are too cute! So fun. Would be so fun to make these while we watch the movie. Love them!

  46. OH MY GOSH these are absolutely adorable. Definitely on my to-do list someday!

    Deviantly Domesticated Team

  47. these little guys crack me up! I live in Jamaica and we can’t find twinkies here, but if we did my kids would love these! You’re amazing, Maria

  48. What a great idea! I would love it if you linked up to my Tuesday Confessional link party going on now:
    I hope to see you soon!

  49. Love the minions!!! Your munchkins did a great job! that movie is on constant replay at our house! We now regularly say “did you brush your teeth? Let me smell, let me smell!!!!”

  50. I love the Minion Cupcakes, they are awesome. I am going to make them. I’m a new follower from the blog hop . Please stop by my blog too.

  51. I follow confessions of a cookbook queen ( where these were originally done and have wanted to do them ever since.

  52. My family would just LOVE these! I’m pinning it and putting it on my FB page! :)

  53. I made these for my three-year-old’s birthday. They were a hit! Thanks for this cute idea.

  54. Minions! Ha ha love these! Such a cute idea.

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